Fri 19 April 2019
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UPDATE Kick Back: French prosecutors discuss Rui Pinto “Immunity” Deal in return for Whistle-blowing

, 15 April 2019
As Portuguese authorities prepare their case against the alleged Football Leaks "hacker" Rui Pinto, France discusses cutting a deal to help identify financial threats to the sport.
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UPDATE Football Money Laundering: a Beginner’s Guide

, 2 April 2019
Organised crime gangs cash in on the beautiful game and Europol's Operation Matrioskas reveals how.
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UPDATE Russia Seeks Info on Alleged Football “Hack” Mastermind

, 29 March 2019
Moscow contacts Portugal amid claims Rui Pinto illegally obtained documents from major football club and investors
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Kick Back: Cost of Sports Money Laundering is £78bn a Year, EU Says

, 15 March 2019
Shocking new Brussels report highlights the growing concern about sports corruption across Europe – including fears that the lucrative football market is now a major target for criminals.
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Kick Back – Suspicious Bets in Global Soccer

, 18 February 2019
Football and tennis topped the list of European sports most vulnerable to suspicious gambling activity during 2018 – accounting for 86% of all cases referred by the continent’s betting integrity body.
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Announcing KICK BACK: the Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game

, 15 February 2019
The Kick Back team will look into corruption inside the sport, money laundering, match-fixing and illegal betting – bringing football’s huge global audience up to speed with the latest attempts to tackle activities which act as a scar on the face of the Beautiful Game.
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Racism in the Press: Lessons of the Raheem Sterling Case

, 14 December 2018
Calls for change from within the press are welcome but will make no lasting difference. The only workable remedy is effective, independent regulation that takes racism seriously
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, 4 December 2018
A study of Aristotelian “catharsis” and the plays of Bertolt Brecht should be obligatory for football managers, argues Alexei Sayle.
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