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Jonathan Lis

The Government Continues to Stoke Burning Embers in Northern Ireland

, 13 June 2022
As Boris Johnson prepares to change the Northern Ireland Protocol, Jonathan Lis explores how his recklessness, a hard Brexit and lasting questions of identity are threatening peace once again

By Sticking with Johnson, the Conservatives have Picked an Epic Fight with Themselves

, 8 June 2022
The party now stands for nothing and is plummeting in the polls – but still cannot conceive of life after Boris Johnson, says Jonathan Lis

The Sue Gray Report: The Rotten Heart of a Political Culture

, 30 May 2022
The 'Partygate' scandal represents a systemic failure of multiple British institutions – with the fault not solely lying with Boris Johnson, says Jonathan Lis

Conservatives’ ‘Partygate’ Impunity for Johnson Shows the Entire British Constitution is Now At Stake

, 14 April 2022
If the governing party proves that those in power can get away with anything, the essential contract between leaders and their people will be ruptured for good, says Jonathan Lis

The Conservatives Face their January 6 Moment

, 21 February 2022
Boris Johnson's full embrace of Trumpian tactics poses a fundamental dilemma for his party – and for British democracy, says Jonathan Lis

The Party’s Over and the Joke’s On Us: Johnson and the Integrity Deficit

, 13 December 2021
The scandal of the Downing Street Christmas parties has exposed something important about the Prime Minister and his appeal, says Jonathan Lis

The Disaster that Dare Not Speak Its Name

, 22 November 2021
From the October print edition of Byline Times, Jonathan Lis explains how Brexit has distorted British politics to such an extent that its untruths will now keep everyone trapped in its chaos

Cummings’ Brexit Confessions Reveal the Hollow Heart of a Hallowed Project

, 12 August 2021
Jonathan Lis explains how the admissions of leading Brexiters five years on expose the continuing corruption of British politics by outright lies

Own Goal: Government Faces the Consequences of its Culture War

, 19 July 2021
In this turning point in the ‘war on woke’ may be the seeds of a new revolution, says Jonathan Lis

The Trolley Strikes Again: How Boris Johnson is Pushing Britain to the Brink

, 9 July 2021
In ordinary times, the Prime Minister’s lack of focus and consistency would be dysfunctional. In a pandemic, it is lethal, says Jonathan Lis

Boris Johnson and the Rise of Make-Believe

, 17 June 2021
It is no good offering people a ‘story to believe in’ if it ends in harm – but the Prime Minister does not know any other way, observes Jonathan Lis

Why Johnson’s Imperious Attitude Appeals to Our Secret Need for Subjugation

, 30 April 2021
Jonathan Lis explores the source of the Prime Minister’s untouchability

Northern Ireland: Today’s Violence Is Not Just Due to Brexit but the Continued Contempt of the British Establishment

, 14 April 2021
The trouble with borders is that once you’ve taken back control of them they come into existence, writes Jonathan Lis

Greed is Good: The Conservatives’ Trope of the Pandemic

, 1 April 2021
Jonathan Lis explores how the Government has hijacked the success of the vaccine roll-out by the NHS and ideologically repackaged it to selectively suit its agenda

The End of the Union: Identity Meets Provocation

, 12 March 2021
Jonathan Lis explains how English exceptionalism has forced the rest of the United Kingdom to decide between its identities

The Brexit Revolution Begins to Consume Itself

, 15 February 2021

How Britain Sleepwalked Into Disaster

, 1 February 2021

The Trump Coup: A British Revolution Too

, 3 November 2020

Boris Johnson: The Anti-Prime Minister

, 28 August 2020

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