The Scandal of Sex Assaults in Hospitals

NHS Must ‘Urgently Investigate’ Byline Times’ ‘Disturbing’ FiguresSays Shadow Health Secretary

Sascha Lavin and Sian Norris expose the frighteningly high levels of sexual violence in spaces designed for safety and care – hospitals

Close Associate of Roman AbramovichKey Partner of UK Parliamentary Group

A businessman with ties to the sanctioned Russian oligarch is listed as a partner and advisor to a Westminster group containing senior MPs and peers

British Private Schools Earn Millions Tax-Free From Schools in States that Criminalise Homosexuality

Sam Bright

Brexit’s Global Trade is Fit for Georgian England

Iain Overton

A Crisis of Leadership The Shortening of the Ministerial Lifespan

Max Colbert reports that 147 members of the Government have either resigned or been sacked this year alone — one every two days

Watchdog Thwarted from Deciding Whether £120 Million ‘Festival of Brexit’ Provided Value for Money

The Conservative chair of Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee has said questions must be asked as to ‘what the festival was for and whether it was worth it’

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Islamophobia Awareness Month‘Where There is Hate, Freedom Dies’

Afzal Khan and Benedict Rogers

The Great ContractionHow the End of Cheap Money and Energy Will Degrade or Renew Civilisation

Nafeez Ahmed

Peter Tatchell‘There Are Still Battles to Fight’

Adrian Goldberg

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