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Illicit Pacts and Power-Sharing: Labour Activists Face Suspensions and NEC Veto Over Council Coalitions

A party crackdown on local party cooperation is preventing Labour councillors from leveraging their election victories to unseat the Tories in some towns, Josiah Mortimer reports

‘When Will We Hear these Brexit Truths From an Opposition Leader?’

The UK’s real problem never had anything to do with the EU – but was about the lack of capable and honest political leadership, according to the former diplomat who resigned from the Foreign Office over Brexit


The Government’s Scandalous ‘40 New Hospitals’ Pledge Exposed

Boris Johnson’s lies continue to have a devastating impact on the infrastructure of healthcare in the UK 

Social Housing Providers’ Billions in Surpluses as Record Number of Tenants Report Poor Conditions

The G15 housing associations have been the subject of constant scandals in the past two years


The Entertainment Industry’s Dark Underbelly

How TV and Film Freelancers Suffer in Silence

Most freelancers do not report abuse within the industry due to a fear of reputational damage, says the national secretary of the broadcasting and entertainment union

How Important is it that this Article is Written by a Human?

Artificial intelligence has already made its way into newsrooms – what are the risks?


‘This Country Could Move to Radical Islam Like Iran’

Angelo Calianno spoke to supporters of the Turkish opposition during the two ballots in the closely fought Presidential election against Recep Erdoğan


Past investigations by Byline Times which have become relevant again 

The Coronavirus Inquiry

Britain’s Chernobyl

COVID-19 and the Cost of Lies

Echoes of the nuclear incident that helped end the Soviet Union can be found in the UK’s response to COVID-19, and one of the highest Coronavirus death rates in the world

Hardeep Matharu

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Pekka Kallioniem identifies pro-Russian actors and propagandists from around the world

Tribalism is Killing Us: Colourism Makes Us Accomplices to Our Own Murders

Tina Gharavi examines the origins of her own addiction to whiteness

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