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SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: legitimating terror


Israeli Aid Worker Inquiry Compromised by Ties to IDF Mass Killing Doctrine

Yoav Har-Even’s direct involvement in supporting the IDF operation in Gaza, despite also being tasked to lead the investigation into the conduct of the operation, is an obvious conflict of interest

money and maggie


Nearly 300 Parliamentary Lobby Groups Disappear After New Rules on Foreign Funding and Membership Come into Force

All Party Parliamentary Groups have long been seen as the ‘next big scandal’ in lobbying, which the new rules aim to tackle

‘Conservative Party’s Love of Margaret Thatcher has Ruined Them – and Britain’s Economy’

Political author Will Hutton tells Byline Times why the Conservative party is in such a mess – and what voters need to do at the next General Election to “put a stake through its heart”

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The United States and the World

A C Grayling examines America’s reluctance to co-operate with the UN

Going Nuclear in An Era of Strongmen

Bonnie Greer asks if its time for us to duck and cover

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Past investigations by Byline Times which have become relevant again 

A ‘Damning Indictment’: Eight Million Voters May Be Disenfranchised in General Election, MPs Find

The UK’s electoral registration arrangements are a ‘threat to the rights of British voters’

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