Fri 28 January 2022

The Hangover

Bullingdon Club Britain

Peter Jukes explains why the ongoing scandal about lockdown-breaking parties hit the Prime Minister’s core appeal more than crony contracts, personal expenses or his handling of the Coronavirus crisis

Arron Banks versus Carole Cadwalladr

John Sweeney gives his first impressions of the landmark libel case taking place in Court 13 of the Royal Courts of Justice

King of Chaos Boris JohnsonHas Delivered for Hedge Fund Donors

As the media rightly focus on the PM’s alleged COVID rule-breaking, financial institutions quietly report pandemic profits, reports Tim Coles

A New Era of Austerity Beckons

For the past 12 years, the Conservative Party’s response to high public spending has always been the same: impose the burden on lower income families, says Maheen Behrana

The Politics of Porridge

With inflation now at 5.4% and the cost of living soaring with it, the humble oat has become an avatar of moral virtue in a right-wing culture war, Sian Norris reports