Transatlantic Trumpery

rishi Sunak’s Government Sinking Into its Own Swamp

Adam Bienkov

BBC SCANDALThe Sharp End of the Stick

Patrick Howse

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Labour MPs Quit Parliamentary Lobbying GroupSet Up to Slash Tax on Petrol as Ties to Big Polluters Emerge

One Labour MP quit after a report by the APPG criticising the move to electric vehicles was backed by the Global Warming Policy Foundation – often described as the most high-profile climate ‘sceptic’ body in the UK

Concerns that Government’s Finance Bill Benefits Big Money and Harms the Planet

The Financial Services and Markets Bill risks wrecking the UK’s commitment to net zero, writes Thomas Perrett

‘Damn Rees-Mogg’s Politics of Civility’

The Conservative MP’s promise to bring back ‘civilised political debate’ in his new GB News show is an insult to the people harmed by this Government, writes Iain Overton

The Silent Killer in SchoolsGovernment Under Fire for Failing to Act on Lethal Asbestos

Katharine Quarmby

Leaping Over the Lords

Labour’s announcement that it would abolish the UK’s unelected second chamber is a headline-grabbing idea with little thought of the problems involved, writes AC Grayling

The Rise of Fringe Science, Contrarian Doctors,& the Threat to Public Health

Dr David Robert Grimes looks at the partisan polarisation and obsession with scientists rather than science that makes us prone to medical misinformation and anti-vaccine propaganda

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The Conservative Party is ‘Institutionally Corrupt’ Say Voters

New poll, conducted in the wake of revelations about Nadhim Zahawi and Boris Johnson, suggests that trust in the Government is reaching new lows

The Return of the ‘Jim Crow’ Backlash to Diverse America

Heidi Cuda looks at how the echoes of a historic backlash against democratic progress in America are now coming back to haunt us

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