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Farage Trump backer is Fueling A Multimillion Dollar Anti-Muslim Propaganda Industry

Trump’s top donor, Robert Mercer, is at the centre of a multimillion-dollar anti-Muslim propaganda industry responsible for creating and spreading the same Islamophobic rhetoric found in the New Zealand shooter’s manifesto, writes Caroline Orr.

Byline Times Investigations

In the first of a new series examining the failings of our criminal justice system, Jon Robins explores why this should matter to us all.

The Disaster Capitalism Club Part 2: 
Sir Paul Marshall and Michael Gove

The head of the second biggest hedge fund to cash in on Brexit also played a vital role in the EU referendum.

Ben is Back:
The Film that Dares to Tackle the Opioid Epidemic

Slymoon – inspired by a Erica Buist

Christchurch: Where Does this Terror Come From?

Nazir Afzal, OBE, decries the Far Right exploitation of the victims of child sexual abuse in Britain’s northern towns, and explains how ‘endless Islamophobia’ and propaganda provokes violence.


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