Soft on crime& Causing Crime

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Boris Johnson’sReal Brexit BetrayalWas to Abandon the Single Market

The Conservatives promised to keep the UK wedded to its biggest international market, but have instead left us in ruinous isolation, says Adam Bienkov

‘Addicted to Exploiting Migrant Labour’The Hidden Hostile Environment in the Fishing Industry

Post-Brexit immigration rules are pushing foreign fishermen to the margins of an already exploitative system, reports Frankie Vetch

British Politics is Now Awash with Money and Social Media Do We Care?

Ian Lucas

Former Labour MP Ian Lucas explores how digital campaigning and Big Tech has driven a coach and horses through the UK’s historically robust electoral rules

Cummings Exposes More Details ofJohnson’s PactWith Right-Wing Press Proprietors

Sam Bright

As the Prime Minister’s former chief aide reveals the direct line between Johnson and billionaire media moguls, Sam Bright explores how they may have shaped Government COVID policies

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The Upside DownWe Won’t Bow DownWhat I Learned in New Orleans

John Mitchinson reflects on his latest trip to the ‘Big Easy’

Jake Daniels’ 21 WordsWere Momentous for Football

Nathan O’Hagan explores what the 17-year-old Blackpool player’s bravery in coming out publicly as gay will mean for other footballers and the game itself

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