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‘Holding Back Progress During Crisis of Confidence for Minority Communities’: Braverman’s Meetings with Controversial Policing Pressure Group

Senior police officers are ‘alarmed’ by former Home Secretary’s meetings with Fair Cop, which promotes nationalist ideology and has links to the Reclaim Party


Revealed: Police Regulator Investigating Fewer Than 1% of All Complaints

Shockingly few complaints are being properly investigated by either police forces or the independent regulator

‘When Misconduct Means Nothing Kristina O’Connor and the Met Police’

Gross misconduct still leads to minimal consequences – leaving officers who abuse with their rank and pension intact, writes Jamie Klingler


All the Bad News Jeremy Hunt Buried in His Autumn Statement

Details buried in the Chancellor’s statement show we are heading for years more of tax rises, low growth and public sector cuts thanks to his Government, reports Adam Bienkov

Eat Out to Help The Virus: How Rishi Sunak Avoided the Science on Covid

New revelations suggest the Prime Minister had a reckless disregard for the science of protecting the public during a global pandemic


‘A Closed Door to a Men’s Club’: Why Are There Twice as Many Men in the House of Commons as Women?

A new report finds that, leading up to the next general election, fewer than 35% of candidate selections so far are women

Israel and gaza

‘Israel’s Actions in Gaza Will Come Back to Haunt It’

Israel’s concept of itself as a peaceful and democratic nation risks being irrevocably damaged by such excessive violence, writes former British diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall

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How Biden Can Avoid A Trump Disaster

Matt Bernardini investigates the President’s poor recent poll ratings and explains what he can do to turn things around

The Corrupt Nature of David Cameron

Anthony Barnett on David Cameron’s “calamitously superficial self-assurance”

Back in the news

Past investigations by Byline Times which have become relevant again 

‘Cameron and Osborne’s Claims that Austerity had No Impact on COVID Preparedness is Jaw-Dropping’

Austerity, combined with poor policy decisions, left the NHS in a far weaker position by the time David Oliver was caring for his first Coronavirus patient in March 2020

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