Rights & Wrongs

The Conservative MPs Trying to Follow the US in Cutting Abortion Rights

Adam Bienkov and Sian Norris

What the End of Roe v Wade Means for Abortion Around the World

Sian Norris

This is Just the Beginning

Sian Norris and Heidi Siegmund Cuda

The decision to overturn the landmark 1973 ruling will strip human rights from millions of women and girls and threatens the rights of minority groups across the US

Major Russian Donor Funds Conservative Member of Intelligence Committee

The wife of a former Russian deputy finance minister has gifted thousands to a Conservative member of the Intelligence and Security Committee, reports Sascha Lavin

Lord Evgeny Lebedev Joins Enterprise Run by Saudi Ruler Accused of Approving Killing of Journalist Khashoggi

Sam Bright


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How the Tentacles of Palantir Continue to Encircle the NHS

Max Colbert explores the implications of the tech firm’s ever-expanding role in British healthcare

Pledging to Rejoin The European Single MarketWould be a Brave Move from our Opposition Parties

As Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood calls for the UK to rejoin the EU Single Market, a Liberal Democrat peer asks cautious opposition parties to consider its benefits

The Impact of Brexit in Six ChartsFrom Trade Slumps to a Weaker Pound

TJ Coles reviews the ways in which leaving the EU has made Britain poorer

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Government & CapitalismA New Economic Narrative for the Left

In the first of a series exploring the post-2008 economic realities, Richard Murphy analyses the failure of the financial system to invest in productive and sustainable development, and what incentives could transform it

The World Needs ‘Rapid Climate Cooling’ As 2℃ Overshoot Now Likely, New Research Warns

Scientists are warning that the climate situation is so dire that we will not only need to withdraw carbon from the atmosphere but begin exploring controversial solar geoengineering technologies to cool the planet, reports Nafeez Ahmed

KhersonHow the City Fell to Russian Forces

As Ukrainian forces mount a counteroffensive towards the occupied city and its mayor is abducted by Russian soldiers, Elena Kostyuchenko has early eyewitness accounts of resistance, propaganda, abductions and protests. Translated from Russian by Ilona Yazhbin Chavasse

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