Tue 2 March 2021

Hearing – But Not Listening

‘Mad Scramble’Left PPE Supplies Stranded at Ports and Air Sites

Sam Bright and Katie Tarrant unmask the Health and Social Care Secretary’s baseless claims about PPE procurement

The Dangers of Disaster Apathy Why Matt Hancock Should Resign

From crony contracts to Test and Trace turmoil, the Health and Social Care Secretary has been at the epicentre of Government incompetence during the Coronavirus pandemic, says Sam Bright

The Big COVIDLeap of Faith The Government Wants Us All to Make

Adam Hamdy considers how the public is to realistically assess its own risk from the Coronavirus and ‘live with it’

‘Discarded As Freaks’LGBTIQ Veterans Can Now Reclaim their Medals

Duncan Lustig-Prean helped lift the ban on LGBTIQ people serving in the military – he tells Molly Greeves why he welcomes the move to return the medals of those who were made to leave the Armed Forces