It Gets Worse

Leadership Contest ExposesThe Big Lie About Brexit

Adam Bienkov

The Dangers of a Truss Premiership

With Boris Johnson’s demise, the true believers of the Brexit revolution have sensed their opportunity, writes Jon Bloomfield

Resistance Growsto Liz Truss’ PlansTo ‘Rob’ Workers of their RightsJosiah Mortimer

If the Conservative leadership frontrunner gets her way and imposes new laws on trade unions it won’t stop wildcat and unofficial strikes, warn union sources 

Liz Truss’ Claim About Productivity of Workers Outside London Is Economically Illiterate

The Conservative frontrunner’s belief that Londoners simply “graft” harder than people outside the capital does not stand up against evidence on regional inequalities, says Sam Bright

Where is Britain’s Liz Cheney?

Alexandra Hall Hall


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‘JET ZERO’Won’t Reduce Airline Emissions

Thomas Perrett

THE SHOCK OF THE FATWAWhat it was Like Back ThenAnthony Barnett

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