Defending the Indefensible

What Ukrainians Think About Jeremy Corbyn’s Ukraine Interview

Chris York reports on the reaction of Ukrainians after the former Labour Leader said the West supplying weapons to the country will ‘prolong and exaggerate’ Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked war

The Politics of Fear White Voters and the Left

New data shows a quarter of white voters in the US are concerned about extreme left-wing groups – ignoring the reality of political violence

Behind the Scenes of British Media’s Climate DenialEliz Mizon talks to journalists from across the spectrum to discover why the UK media still peddles climate denying misinformationeven during an unprecedented heatwave


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Rishi Sunak, Infosys &a Legacy of Financial Issues

As the Conservative leadership election rolls on, concerns persist about the origins of the Sunak family fortune, reports Manasa Narayanan for the Byline Intelligence Team

Class War One of Disabled People’s Many Battles

Penny Pepper explains why class continues to be so oppressive for working-class disabled people

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