Fri 26 April 2019
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The Sad, Misplaced Martyrdom of Julian Assange

, 11 April 2019
There are many reasons to be concerned about the founder of WikiLeaks begin extradited to the US – but publishing the truth isn't one of them.
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Argument Editorial Wikileaks

Welcome to our Special Brexit Launch Edition

, 29 March 2019
Now seems like a good time to launch a new newspaper – but not for the reasons many expect. The heart of our paper will be investigations. We will follow the story wherever it goes, without fear or favour. No PR company, advertiser or press baron can influence the stories we choose.
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Editorial Brexit

Islamophobia and the Limits of Free Speech

, 21 March 2019
How much longer can our mainstream press escape the consequences of their false reporting and dangerous rhetoric around our Muslim communities?
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Argument Editorial Extremism

Don’t tear up our last shred of constitutional legitimacy

, 14 March 2019
For too long we've relied on unwritten norms to underpin our governance - norms of honesty, shame, resignation or apology for misleading parliament and the public or breaking ethical rules and professional guidelines... We need a written constitution to protect the public...
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Argument Editorial Brexit Democracy

Boris Johnson planning a Trump-like populist bid for PM: backed by Steve Bannon and the Far Right

, 7 March 2019
You can get rid of the ridiculous bouffant hair, but that doesn't stop you being a dangerous buffoon.
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The Catastrophe of Success

, 28 February 2019
The catastrophe of success: Trump, Gove and Johnson never expected to win. What now?
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Argument Editorial Brexit Trump

Killing Democracy, Softly

, 14 February 2019
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Argument Editorial Brexit

Britain is in Crisis – is a New Centrist Party the Solution?

, 7 February 2019
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Argument Editorial UK Politics

Sleight of Hand: Beware of the Brexit Referendum Three-Card Trick

, 28 January 2019
Amidst the growing clamour for a second referendum to break the parliamentary impasse around her Brexit deal, some Whitehall insiders are claiming that Theresa May could use a clever 'three-card-trick' to force her unpopular deal through.
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Argument Editorial Brexit

Brexit and the Noose

, 31 October 2018
Sayid Javid’s connivance with the US prosecution and potential death sentence of former British citizens is a calculated appeal to a hardcore Brexit article of faith – the return of the death penalty.
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