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Byline Times’ Election Manifesto

The 2019 General Election promises to be a poll unlike any other – so will our coverage.

The 2019 General Election promises to be a poll unlike any other – so will our coverage.

Though Byline Times is not aligned to any one political party, we are strongly opposed to groups that flout electoral laws and set out to game our democracy. We believe all the main parties have played an important role in creating our society with a strong judiciary, a universal health system, rising numbers of university graduates, and a vibrant and innovative economy.

However, the current Government has been taken over by a relatively small and extreme faction, expelling the last vestiges of one nation Toryism from the once broad-based Conservative Party.

Therefore, we must declare an interest: we will pursue the truth about Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings throughout the general election in the hope that we can make as many people as possible aware of their previous wrongdoings and why they are unfit to hold office.

In just a few months in power, they have wasted huge amounts of money, possibly over £6 billion in three months, not to mention the 3.5% of GDP that their Brexit deal is forecast to cost. On top of this, they have tried to game Parliament with its proroguing and the law by sending three letters to the EU. 

Our worry is that many people will vote for them in complete ignorance of their wrongdoings because 80% of the press-baron owned media will support them uncritically and most broadcasters’ sense of balance will be skewed by this bias.

So we do not ask forgiveness for focusing our attention and investigations on Cummings and Johnson, but understanding that this is where independent journalism is needed in this crucial election period.

Byline Times‘ founders Peter Jukes and Stephen Colegrave plot election coverage over a pint

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