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Thomas Perrett

How Austerity has Endangered Britain’s Ability to Safeguard its Natural Environment

, 28 September 2022
Debilitating cuts have reduced regulators' role in safeguarding the natural environment and stymied the Government’s approach to net zero, reports Thomas Perrett

‘Liz Truss’ Premiership Will Spell Disaster for Net Zero’

, 20 September 2022
A worrying environmental record and the appointment of climate change sceptics to the Cabinet doesn't bode well for the UK's climate commitments under the new Prime Minister, argues Thomas Perrett

12 Years of Conservative Failure on Renewables is Costing the Environment and the Economy

, 14 September 2022
Thomas Perrett tracks the administrative missteps that have incubated the current energy crisis

The Government’s ‘Jet Zero’ Plan Won’t Reduce Airline Emissions

, 16 August 2022
Thomas Perrett unpicks the proposal to achieve 'net zero aviation' by 2050 – and the gap it falls into between rhetoric and reality

Dystopian Modernity: Saudi Arabia’s ‘Revolutionary’ New City is Not All that it Seems

, 15 August 2022
Thomas Perrett unpicks the Kingdom’s plan to build a 100-mile-long, $500 billion ‘smart city’

Truss and Sunak’s Hard-Right Economic Plans Will Only Deepen Cost of Living Crisis

, 5 August 2022
With the UK heading for recession, the two remaining candidates to become Britain's next Prime Minister are committed to the same failed economic theories that created the current crisis, writes Thomas Perrett

How ‘Claps for Carers’ Didn’t Result in Better Conditions or Pay

, 2 August 2022
The summer of strikes has come to social care – with striking careworkers fighting for better pay and against precarity, reports Thomas Perrett

The Conservative Party’s Hostile Environment To the Climate Emergency

, 13 July 2022
The next Prime Minister looks set to sabotage the UK’s response to climate change, reports Thomas Perrett

Why Did Bristol Vote to Abolish its City Mayor?

, 6 July 2022
Thomas Perrett considers the reasons for the shock demise of Marvin Rees’ position, and whether this spells danger for the city-mayor model

The Inflation of Free Market Falsehoods

, 27 June 2022
Thomas Perrett explores how the current cost of living crisis has spurred a new wave of Thatcherite economics

Driving Towards Disaster: The Car Manufacturers Undermining Climate Action

, 30 May 2022
Thomas Perrett reports on new evidence suggesting that the actions of the automotive sector doesn’t match its rhetoric on climate change

Thatcherism Revived: Johnson’s ‘Right to Buy’ Plan is a Desperate Political Ploy

, 19 May 2022
Thomas Perrett unpicks why the Conservative Party is considering rebooting the long-discredited housing policy

Fracking and the Conservative Attack on Net Zero

, 5 May 2022
Thomas Perrett explores how the Government has opened the door to an assault on the UK’s climate change targets

The Government’s Rwanda Plan is a Relic of a Colonial Age

, 21 April 2022
Britain's historic hostility towards migration – by politicians of all stripes – has laid the groundwork for Priti Patel's controversial plan to send people seeking asylum to Rwanda, says Thomas Perrett

Wage Stagnation and the Conservative Party’s Ideological War on Workers

, 11 April 2022
The current cost of living crisis can be placed firmly in the context of the Conservative Party’s antipathy to the strife of the working class, says Thomas Perrett

How the Financial Sector Bankrolls Climate Chaos

, 17 December 2021

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