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Stuart Spray

Government Rejects Meat Consumption Reduction Climate Target

, 14 October 2021
Stuart Spray explores the links between climate change, meat production and why the Government has refused to implement the recommendations of its own watchdog

The Glorious Twelfth: Government Continues to Turn a Blind Eye to Grouse Shooting’s Inglorious Consequences

, 12 August 2021
grouse shooting seasons gets underway, Stuart Spray reports on the negative impacts that driven grouse moors have on biodiversity and climate change

Legal Challenge on Bat Habitat Sends Message that Ecological Protections Matter

, 20 April 2021
Stuart Spray reports on the importance of a High Court judgment on HS2’s actions in an ancient woodland

EXCLUSIVE ‘A Completely Unnecessary Vanity Project’: The HS2 Protestors Digging In for the Climate

, 8 February 2021
Stuart Spray speaks to the HS2 Rebellion activists underground at Euston Square Gardens

Climate Delusion and Blinkered Nostalgia: Council Approves New Coal Mine, Claiming It Will Help Tackle Climate Change

, 29 January 2021
Stuart Spray reports on a move that threatens to betray the UK’s carbon commitments

Boris Johnson’s Deregulation Agenda is Burning His Green Credentials

, 15 January 2021
Vulnerable wildlife is collateral damage in the Prime Minister’s economic vision for Britain, writes Stuart Spray

Rage as HS2 Attempts to Fell 300-Year-Old Veteran Oak

, 29 December 2020
Stuart Spray has the details of HS2’s latest attempt to defile the British countryside

Boris Johnson’s Biodiversity Hypocrisy

, 15 October 2020
Stuart Spray looks at the discrepancy between the Prime Minister's United Nations pledge to protect the environment, and his actions on HS2

UK Power Station Pillages North Carolina Forests

, 1 October 2020
Stuart Spray investigates the environmental impact of Drax in North Yorkshire, the world’s largest wood-consuming power station

Extinction Rebellion: Damaging Society or the Best Hope to Tackle Climate Change?

, 10 September 2020
While the UN continues to highlight the urgent need to tackle climate change, the British Government continues to vilify activists argues Stuart Spray

EXCLUSIVE Fears that HS2 is Only Paying Lip Service to Protecting Nesting Birds

, 11 June 2020
Stuart Spray reveals disturbing evidence that suggests HS2 is not living up to its claims of protecting breeding birds

Questionable Claim About Persecution of Birds of Prey Being ‘Historical Perception’

, 27 May 2020
Stuart Spray examines comments by the new chairman of the Moorland Association and what they mean for birds such as hen harriers.

Countryside Alliance Condemns HS2’ Felling Ancient Woodland During Bird Breeding Season

, 29 April 2020
Stuart Spray reports on how the Countryside Alliance has joined the RSPB and Wildlife Trust in criticising potential wildlife crimes.

Why is HS2's Press Office Blocking a Journalist from Doing their Job?

, 17 April 2020
Stuart Spray on how his quest to get clarification on the damage being caused to the environment by the HS2 project is being resisted.

HS2: High Court Rejects Bid To Stop Biggest Deforestation Since First World War

, 4 April 2020
Stuart Spray considers the consequences of the High Court decision to reject Chris Packham's judicial review and interim injunction on the railway project.

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