Fri 26 April 2019
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BREAKING Met Commander Hints at Tougher Stance Towards Extinction Rebellion Protests

, 24 April 2019
A today's session of the UK parliamentary committee on Human Rights, Commander Adrian Usher made a surprise shot across the bows of the growing climate change protest movement.
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UPDATE MUELLER REPORT – Assange spread Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory to Cover for Russia

, 20 April 2019
Assange and the “radical transparency” organisation he founded wittingly waged a disinformation campaign to provide cover for themselves — and they used a dead man’s name to do it.
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BREAKING Paying the Polluter: UK feels the Heat on £17bn aid to Fossil Fuel Giants

, 19 April 2019
As hundreds of green protestors are arrested in London, NGOs sound the alarm over the UK’s empty promises
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UPDATE Europe Votes to Protect Whistle-blowers – but will the UK Play Ball Beyond Brexit?

, 18 April 2019
MEPs have backed "Daphne's Law" amid concerns over the treatment of citizens and journalists who expose corruption and malpractice in the public interest. But key exemptions remain in place.
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Trump’s Political Space Race

, 17 April 2019
Lindsay McKenzie reports from Washington on how NASA is being pressured by the President to work to his short-term political timescale
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How Farage’s Campaign Colluded with Putin to Weaponise Hate and Islamophobia

, 17 April 2019
Following Channel 4's revelations that Nigel Farage's Leave EU campaign faked inflammatory photos of sexual attacks and staged videos about migrants, Byline Times has evidence of more racist propaganda sourced from the Kremlin.
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UPDATE Kick Back: French prosecutors discuss Rui Pinto “Immunity” Deal in return for Whistle-blowing

, 15 April 2019
As Portuguese authorities prepare their case against the alleged Football Leaks "hacker" Rui Pinto, France discusses cutting a deal to help identify financial threats to the sport.
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One Hundred Years On: Government Concerned about ‘Financial Implications’ of Apologising for the Amritsar Massacre

, 13 April 2019
100 years after the horrific expression of British brutality in India, the Government still appears unwilling to formally apologise for the killings in Jallianwala Bagh.
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EXCLUSIVE Spy Kids – Gambling with Children’s Lives

, 12 April 2019
Campaigners warn that any use of targets for more teenage spies would be “gambling with children’s lives" while insiders allege police are being told to "Get more kids, get them younger".
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BREAKING UPDATED: Julian Assange appears in Court – what happens next?

, 11 April 2019
Following confirmation that Julian Assange has been arrested - twice - today, Byline Times provides the background to his legal battles and asks which allegations will be prioritised.
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The Worst in the European Parliament: How Truant Brexit MEPs are making a Mockery of Britain

, 11 April 2019
Exclusive research by The Overtake reveals that party once led by Nigel Farage has the worst attendance record across the whole continent
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Bulletins from the Brexit Cliff Edge – 9 April

, 9 April 2019
Byline Times' regular wire-service rounding all the bad news fit to print about Britain's pending exit from the EU
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UPDATE Democracy in Danger: ‘Online Harms’ plan fails to tackle threat posed by ‘Dark Ads’

, 8 April 2019
As Whitehall publishes plans to tackle online abuse, Conservative and Labour big-hitters issue stark warning over UK elections
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UPDATE BACKDOOR BREXIT – Parliament Stumbling into International No-Man’s Land

, 5 April 2019
Alex Varley-Winter on the Lost Week in Westminster, as Britain faces ‘Third Country’ Limbo, 10000 tons of Sheep and 2,000,000 tons of Landfill.
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Lethal Victimhood: How the Far Right’s Tactic of ‘Reverse Terror’ is Spreading into Mainstream Media

, 3 April 2019
After the targeting of a Byline Times writer to the death threats against the author of a parliamentary petition, it looks like right-wing publications are pandering to the incitement tactics of the extreme Far Right - fake claims of violence
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UPDATE Ministers’ “Power Grab” from Doctors over Brexit Medicine Shortages

, 3 April 2019
The Department for Exiting the EU accepts ‘some risks to patients’ in Government’s emergency planning.
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UPDATE Football Money Laundering: a Beginner’s Guide

, 2 April 2019
Organised crime gangs cash in on the beautiful game and Europol's Operation Matrioskas reveals how.
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Trump Tries to Gut Science Funding, Again

, 1 April 2019
Donald Trump's administration has proposed further cuts to science funding, angering experts who argue the sector is essential to the U.S. economy.
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EXCLUSIVE Blagged to Death? How Scotland Yard Missed Crucial Clues in the Tabloid Targeting of Jill Dando

, 29 March 2019
The Metropolitan Police suspected a Daily Mirror journalist of illegally 'blagging' the TV presenter three months before her murder, but didn't see the phone hacking connection.
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