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Boris Johnson's Real Brexit Betrayal Was to Abandon the Single Market

, 17 May 2022
The Conservatives promised to keep the UK wedded to its biggest international market after Brexit, but have instead left us in ruinous isolation, reports Adam Bienkov

Boris Johnson Blocks Publishing Secret Lebedev Advice Due to ‘National Security' Concerns

, 12 May 2022
Boris Johnson has failed to release advice he received from UK security services about his friend Evgeny Lebedev, despite MPs voting for its release, reports Adam Bienkov

‘Let Them Eat Foie Gras’: Big Issues Avoided in Johnson's Culture War Queen's Speech

, 10 May 2022
The Government's new agenda focuses on stoking culture wars, while doing nothing to tackle the number one issue facing people in the UK, reports Adam Bienkov

Local Elections 2022: Boris Johnson is Leading the Conservatives to Disaster

, 6 May 2022
The Conservative Party is refusing to deal with the Prime Minister's failing leadership as he leads the UK into a recession which could expel him from office, reports Adam Bienkov

Boris Johnson’s Ship is Sinking with Conservative MPs Tied to the Mast

, 4 May 2022
Conservative MPs appear complacent as Johnson sails their leaky ship towards the rocks of this week's local elections, reports Adam Bienkov

How Boris Johnson has Spread and Benefitted From Deeply Sexist Attitudes in Politics

, 29 April 2022
The Prime Minister has pushed sexist tropes about women – while being given a free pass by those parts of the press which also trade in them, reports Adam Bienkov

Keir Starmer, the Daily Mail and Durham Police: How Boris Johnson Uses the Press to Smear his Political Opponents

, 28 April 2022
Durham Police has confirmed to Byline Times that reports of the force re-examining allegations against the Labour Leader are untrue – so what is the Mail’s real motive?

Boris Johnson’s Hypocrisy over India Bulldozes the Rights of those Persecuted Under Modi

, 22 April 2022
The Prime Minister is determined to look the other way as Narendra Modi oppresses Muslims and erodes democratic rights in India – while allying with Putin's regime, reports Adam Bienkov

EXCLUSIVE Boris Johnson’s Lies are Pushing the UK Constitution to Breaking Point

, 21 April 2022
The former Conservative Solicitor General believes 'good chaps' in his party should remove the Prime Minister from office

Boris Johnson is Fighting a ‘Culture War’ to Cling On to Power

, 11 April 2022
The Prime Minister's divisive comments about trans people are part of a broader attempt to replace his losing political war with a winning cultural war, reports Adam Bienkov

EXCLUSIVE Voters Don’t Trust Johnson to Tell the Truth After ‘Partygate’

, 8 April 2022
An exclusive poll for Byline Times suggests the Prime Minister may still pay the price for lockdown-breaking parties on his watch

Rishi Sunak’s Family Tax Affairs Raise Questions He Can't Avoid

, 7 April 2022
We need to know how the Chancellor can defend raising taxes for ordinary Britons while his own family avoids paying large sums in taxes, argues Adam Bienkov

All the Conservative Manifesto Promises Boris Johnson has Broken

, 6 April 2022
The Prime Minister's promise not to raise National Insurance is the latest in a growing list of ripped up pledges from his 2019 manifesto, reports Adam Bienkov

EXCLUSIVE Boris Johnson Told to 'Come Clean' after Hinting he will Ignore Vote to Release Lebedev Security Papers

, 1 April 2022
Exclusive: Labour tells Byline Times that Johnson will be in contempt of Parliament if he hides security service advice he received about the son of a former KGB agent, reports Adam Bienkov

Boris Johnson Could Block Release of Security Advice on Evgeny Lebedev

, 31 March 2022
The Prime Minister’s spokesman said release of security advice about Lebedev may not be ‘in the public interest’, reports Adam Bienkov
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