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Josiah Mortimer

‘The Chances of Coordinated Industrial Action are Real’

, 30 August 2022
As Liz Truss vows to crackdown further on union action and the cost of living crisis escalates, Josiah Mortimer reports on the prospects of a general strike

Resistance Grows to Liz Truss’ Plans to ‘Rob’ Workers of their Rights

, 19 August 2022
If the Conservative leadership frontrunner gets her way and imposes new laws on trade unions it won’t stop wildcat and unofficial strikes, warn union sources 

EXCLUSIVE Home Office Spends Just A Thousandth of its Rwanda Scheme Budget Publicising ‘Deterrent’ Abroad

, 12 August 2022
New findings by Byline Times amplify concerns about the controversial policy's intended effectiveness and its role in the Conservative 'culture war'

Groped, Taunted and Followed Home: The Legal Observers of Protests Targeted by Officers for Peacefully Policing the Police

, 24 May 2022
Josiah Mortimer digs into a shocking new report on the challenges faced by those trying to defend our right to protest

The Conservatives are Fundamentally Rewriting Britain’s Electoral Rules – Why Is this Not Headline News?

, 3 May 2022
Josiah Mortimer reports on how the Elections Law will impact low-income and minority voters, neuter the elections watchdog, and change the voting system for mayoral elections

The Families of People Killed by Police Are Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

, 3 March 2022
'Almost none of us have got justice. The first was Sarah Everard', said Marcia Rigg, who is part of a new campaign to secure justice for people killed in police custody

Mandatory Voter ID: The Cost to Taxpayers – and Democracy

, 6 September 2021
The Government’s assessment of how much its proposals to make everyone show ID in order to vote at polling stations will cost represents its ‘staggeringly warped priorities’, according to campaigners

EXCLUSIVE ‘A Party Within A Party’: Calls for Investigation into European Research Group, Paid Quarter of a Million in Taxpayer Cash Since Brexit

, 23 August 2021
Byline Times reveals the membership and ministerial backing of the powerful group of ‘hard Brexit’ Conservative MPs

Mandatory Vote ID: Government Makes Astonishing Admission 3.5 Million Will Be Disenfranchised

, 19 July 2021
Josiah Mortimer of the Electoral Reform Society reveals the contradictions in the Government's plan to introduce Voter ID

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