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Revd Joe Haward

British Identity: The Empire’s Spectacle

, 22 September 2022
The mourning of the Queen’s death has been, largely unconsciously, a nation in a state of 'appearing', writes Joe Haward

The Rise of Children with Eating Disorders

, 4 August 2022
More and more children are being hospitalised with eating disorders – but where is the investment and funding to ensure they get the support they need?

Woe to these Charlatans: Deportation and Destruction

, 16 June 2022
The Government's Rwanda plan is not about Rwanda or about ‘solving’ the issue of small boat crossings, says Reverend Joe Haward

The Church of Putin

, 8 April 2022
Reverend Joe Howard explores how the Russian President has won support from US evangelicals and his playbook matches that of the European far-right

The Prime Minister of Mendacious Melodies

, 17 December 2021
The scandal of the Downing Street Christmas parties last year flies in the face of the essence of the Christmas message, says Reverend Joe Haward

The Naked Emperor and the Language of Offence

, 29 September 2021
Angela Rayner’s comments showed how we must disturb the present to improve the future, says Reverend Joe Haward

The New Winter of Discontent Will Expose the Corrupting Forces Strangling Our Society

, 23 September 2021
With Brexit, the pandemic, the energy crisis and cuts to benefits all combining to create difficult months ahead, Reverend Joe Haward considers what can be learnt from the true meaning of ‘apocalypse’

The Church’s Leaders Continue to Demonstrate their Inability to Speak Truth to Power

, 9 August 2021
ngland are apparently characterised by "elites", Reverend Joe Haward considers why those in positions of privilege and power within the Church of England are so reluctant to expose the right’s dangerous and divisive narratives

Extinguishing Political Fire and Fury: Kim Leadbeater and the Lessons of Keir Hardie

, 9 July 2021
Reverend Joe Haward reflects on the Batley and Spen by-election, and the necessity for a more compassionate political climate

Dominic Cummings and the Quandary of Human Motives

, 28 May 2021
The majority of people for the majority of history are a cauldron of contradictions and the Prime Minister’s controversial former chief advisor is no different, says Reverend Joe Haward

COVID Sceptics, Vulnerable Scapegoats and Sacrifice

, 30 April 2021
Reverend Joe Haward explores what is motivating anti-lockdown protestors and how the elderly and those with underlying health conditions are their ultimate targets

Archbishop of Fantasy: Political Corruption and the Ethic of Forgiveness

, 23 April 2021
Justin Welby's suggestion corrupt politicians should be forgiven misses the need for reparations in Christian teaching, explains Reverend Joe Haward

ME and Long COVID: When Will Our Exhausted Cries Be Heard?

, 24 March 2021
Reverend Joe Haward shares his experiences of having ME and explores the challenges patients face in getting the reality of their lives with the disease heard by professionals and those in positions of power

Brexit, COVID and the Rhyme of History

, 19 February 2021
Reverend Joe Haward explores the current parallels around power, propaganda and patriotism with the First World War

Everybody is Somebody: My Daughter’s Pandemic Anxiety

, 29 January 2021
Reverend Joe Haward explores the impact of the Coronavirus on empathetic children and what we can do to reassure them that they are not helpless while the Government fails to reassure us at every turn

Emerging From the Christmas Mire

, 24 December 2020

Male Suicide: Exploring a Lost Identity

, 27 November 2020

Great Expectations: Farage's Phoney Fishing for Support

, 18 September 2020

Sacrificial Lambs and Government Scapegoats

, 21 August 2020

Religious Gatherings in the Netflix Age

, 17 July 2020

Truth Must Rise: Church Silence over COVID-19

, 30 April 2020

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