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Hardeep Matharu and Peter Jukes

From George Orwell to Priti Patel: How Britain Brought its Colonial Policing Home

, 29 June 2021
As the Metropolitan Police is judged to be institutionally corrupt, Hardeep Matharu and Peter Jukes explore how some of the biggest problems still plaguing British policing are embedded in the soil of British colonialism

EXCLUSIVE "F*ck Boris": Are Schoolchildren Now Under Political Surveillance by the Government?

, 10 January 2020
Byline Times has uncovered a disturbing tale of apparent censorship of students protesting against the Prime Minister using Stormzy's rallying call to the young.

EXCLUSIVE 'Tommy Robinson' and the Boys in Blue

, 22 August 2019
Those close to the EDL founder claim that police officers often expressed sympathy for his right-wing politics and that the support could include the passing on of confidential information.

EXCLUSIVE 'Tommy Robinson': The Making of a Martyr

, 22 August 2019
Byline Times' exclusive interview with the man who made Stephen Yaxley-Lennon rich and an international phenomenon.

EXCLUSIVE Making Crime Pay for 'Tommy Robinson': How YouTube Rewards Violent Radicalisation

, 21 August 2019
The confessions of Tommy Robinson’s filmmaker show how Google’s video site drove them to produce ever more extreme content, and rewarded the EDL founder with a quarter of a million pounds in the four days after he was sent to jail.

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