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Claire Hamlett

Pavements for People: Lambeth’s New Kerbside Strategy

, 19 January 2023
A London council has produced an “unprecedented” strategy to reallocate a quarter of kerbside space to sustainable uses, reports Claire Hamlett

‘Hunt Havoc’ Wreaking Misery in the Countryside

, 3 November 2022
A new report details the impact of fox hunts on local communities

The Tide Is Turning Against Hunting

, 3 November 2021
Claire Hamlett considers the impact of the vote by National Trust members on the future of the hunting lobby

To Match His Climate Rhetoric, Boris Johnson Must Axe These Five Projects

, 20 October 2021
Claire Hamlett unpicks the Government schemes that are obstructing the UK’s net zero ambitions

300 Councils have Declared a State of Climate Emergency – But For Many It’s Just Rhetoric

, 24 August 2021
Claire Hamlett reports on the factors contributing to the lack of progress by local councils to reduce carbon emissions in their areas, despite their pledges to do so

The People Fighting the UK’s Factory Farm Expansion

, 3 March 2021
Claire Hamlett speaks to the activists taking councils to court over intensive farming

Why the UK Could be the Source of the Next Pandemic

, 16 November 2020
Intensive chicken farming in the UK is generating dangerous new viruses, reports Claire Hamlett

COVID-19 ‘Rule of Six’ Flouted by Fox Hunts

, 14 October 2020
Claire Hamlett reports on a worrying rise in fox hunts breaking the law as they enjoy being exempt from Coronavirus restrictions

‘A Complete Tragedy’: Badger Cull Expansion Threatens Vaccination Efforts

, 28 September 2020
Claire Hamlett speaks to exasperated vaccination volunteers after 64,000 more badgers are threatened with a cull

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