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Nathan O'Hagan

Jake Daniels’ 21 Words Were Momentous for Football

, 20 May 2022
Nathan O'Hagan explores what the 17-year-old Blackpool player's bravery in coming out publicly as gay will mean for other footballers and the game itself

11 Players Who Have Made a Difference Off the Football Field

, 10 November 2021
As Marcus Rashford is honoured with an MBE for his work campaigning to end food poverty for children, Nathan O’Hagan selects his team of football heroes, past and present, who have influenced the world of politics

Why are Footballers Hesitant about the COVID Vaccine?

, 8 October 2021
Nathan O’Hagan delves into the myths and misinformation causing vaccine reticence among professional players

Our Young England Players are Using their Privilege to Make a Difference

, 11 June 2021
Footballers have shown that wealth and fame do not have to stand in the way of campaigning for equality and justice, says Nathan O’Hagan

Reaganite Rockers to Brexit Punks: ‘The Kids are Alt-Right’

, 22 February 2021
Nathan O’Hagan catalogues the surprising conservatism of many radical musicians

Advertisers and Football Bodies are Complicit in Gambling Addictions

, 7 December 2020
Nathan O'Hagan argues that regulations on the gambling industry in football are not nearly enough to tackle addiction

Teachers Are Being Unfairly Graded

, 9 November 2020
The UK’s brilliant educators don’t deserve to be pilloried by talentless right-wing commentators, argues Nathan O’Hagan

The Bigger Big Picture: How Soccer Can Survive the Pandemic

, 21 October 2020
Nathan O'Hagan looks at the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on grassroots football and finds some green shoots of hope

A Rake’s Progress: How Men Have to Face Up to their Eating Disorders

, 30 September 2020
As Freddie Flintoff speaks publicly about having bulimia, Nathan O'Hagan explains how lockdown has made him finally confront his own condition

The Bizarre Rise of the Celebrity Conspiracy Theorist

, 18 September 2020
Nathan O'Hagan tries to offer an explanation for why celebrities are more susceptible than most to wild misinformation

The Coronavirus Crisis: A New Age of Anxiety

, 22 April 2020
NHS worker Nathan O'Hagan, who has experienced issues with anxiety for most of his life, explores how people who never previously thought about feelings of unspecified dread are now having to contend with them because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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