Fri 26 April 2019
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Otto English

Fox Breaks Cover – from Revolutionary Communist to Farage’s Right Hand Woman

, 24 April 2019
Otto English on the weird moral maze of would-be Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox and her Spiked Network.
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The Punchback of Notre Dame: Incendiary Lies Fan the Flames

, 17 April 2019
Otto English describes how the tragedy of Notre Dame and the sense of solidarity and reflection that followed were quickly over-run by conspiracy theories and hate.
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Black Holes – A Lesson in Perspective

, 12 April 2019
Katie Bouman, the woman who created the algorithm to prove Einstein's theorem, has given Otto English a breath of Brexit relief
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Argument Nature, Environment and Climate Science

Brexit Confusion – Don’t Blame Us

, 5 April 2019
As the Brexit fuse burns to its cinder, what the UK needs more than ever, is a more acceptance that many Britons are simply bewildered as to what the hell is going on. That doesn’t make them stupid – it makes them normal.
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Theresa May’s Legacy of Chaos

, 1 April 2019
All Prime Ministers obsess about their place in history. As the endgame nears – how will Theresa May be remembered? The long term forecast isn’t good.
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When Will Brexiters Accept They Were Conned?

, 20 March 2019
As every day brings more uncertainty, Otto English asks how long will it take Brexit voters to accept that they have fallen prey to a vast Ponzi scheme?
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Brexit Zugzwang: How the UK can escape the fierce checkmate-stalemate of now

, 13 March 2019
As the country lurches towards March 29th - Zugzwang Brexit is where our politicians are now at. So what can be done?
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THE GREAT INDIFFERENCE: Brexit Wrongdoing Swept Under the Carpet

, 8 March 2019
As serious allegations about Leave EU Official and Arron Banks continue to come out – the media and political class are complicit in a conspiracy of silence, says Otto English
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Argument Brexit Crime and Justice

The Real Militant Tendency: ERG and the Brexit Layercake

, 22 February 2019
Otto English looks into the background and funding of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s ERG, alleged to operate like a ‘party within a party’ by senior Conservative MPs
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‘Shamima Begum and the Case for Mercy’

, 19 February 2019
Otto English argues that ‘an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind’ and that an advanced democracy like Britain should not seek to punish a naïve girl for the sins of those who groomed her.
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Time to Speak for Britain – Before It’s Too Late

, 13 February 2019
As Ford threatens to quit the UK and each day brings more catastrophic news – staying silent is no longer an option.
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So who is Mr. Farage’s new Boss and what is the Brexit Party?

, 11 February 2019
Nigel Farage has promised to wipe out the Tories if they don’t deliver Brexit. Here is all you need to know.
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May fiddles while Flight Brexit to Sunny Uplands runs out of Fuel

, 6 February 2019
The problem for the 66 million passengers trapped on this progressively bumpy flight is simple. If no deal is made – we plunge from the sky. It would be every bit as catastrophic. Theresa May is stubbornly and imprudently fiddling with switches when she should be evincing an emergency landing.
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Snowmaggedon Brexit: An inch of the White Stuff and Britain grinds to a Halt — so tell me again about No Deal.

, 1 February 2019
Project Fear is ‘Project Bleeding Obvious’. A nation that can’t grit a few roads in Surrey is unlikely to be able to manage the carnage of Hard Brexit.
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Brexit has become a Doomsday Cult

, 29 January 2019
Planet Brexit can be reached, the spaceship is coming, we simply have to extract the metal bits from our bras and check that we have set our watches correctly.
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