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Rishi Sunak’s Favourite Things

As the Prime Minister reveals that his favourite author is Jilly Cooper – he tells Otto English about some of his other favourites in music, food, movies and sport

Rishi Sunak’s Favourite Things

As the Prime Minister reveals that his favourite author is Jilly Cooper – he tells Otto English about some of his other favourites in music, food, movies and sport

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So, the truth is out! As I told the guys on the This Morning! television show my favourite author is indeed the fabulous “Jillian” Cooper. I’m an enormous fan of her books and yes even the sexual encounter parts in them when the various characters are not riding horses or attending wizard schools (check that please Steve)! After all, I’m just like any other hot-blooded British guy! 

It’s all gone down so well with the focus group that I thought you’d like to hear about more of my favourite things to show you all just how normal and regular I am.

Favourite Food!

When unwinding with the kids in one of our homes I like nothing more than to eat the fish and chips! Yes just like you guys!! My favourite fish and chips meal is cod fish and chips with that guacamole dish that they put on the side. But if my local chippie shop is out of cod and guac, I’ll happily make do with bluefin carpaccio with fennel, lemon and smoked truffle foam which one of our night chefs can rustle up very easily. The perfect comfort food!

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Favourite Music!

Like millions of other ordinary working-class Brits, I’m a huge George Formby fan. Whether he’s singing about cleaning windows or buying a stick of confectionary on our glorious Lancashire coastline – then George is the man for me! Go play that ukelele Mr Formby!

It says here that I also like the Beetles because who doesn’t like the Beetles supergroup? Favourite song? Yellow Submarine. What’s not to like? They’re in a submarine! And it’s yellow! Crazy guys. And just in case you think that means that I’m not ‘down with the kidz’ well – I love rap and roll as well.

At school, I was a huge Beastly Boys fan and had framed posters of Snoopy, 50 Cents and even the So Solid Crew on the walls of my student digs.   

Soccer Game

I have been a huge fan of the soccer game since I was a child. I like nothing more than an exciting playoff when one team tries to beat another by scoring more goals in the back of the net! Gosh it can make you cross when you lose though can’t it? You just want to shout ‘oh bother’ and go and sit in a public house and let off steam over a coke zero with the lads.

My local team the Southamptons have a nickname and it’s the Saints – which is very apt because when a decision has gone against them, I have been known to exclaim “Oh Saints Alive! You silly referee!” from the tilted, elevated, seating area place that you have in football grounds! I’m only kidding referees! You’re the greatest.

Oh, and go you Blues!

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Favourite Films

Carry on at Your Own Convenience. A brilliant, very dark, fly-on-the-wall 1970s documentary exposing the wicked tyranny of trades unionists trying to disrupt a factory management team that is trying their very hardest to make toilets and supply them to the British public.

It was watching that film for the first time that inspired me to go into politics and do my best to make sure that this country would never again get dragged back to the dark days of industrial unrest and government incompetence.

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Favourite Part of My Job

Photos. Probably the most important part of my job is meeting people, remembering to smile and telling them I’m the Prime Minister while the photographer fires off some pics while I try to look normal. But hey it’s not all ‘cheese and rolled up sleeves’! There are tough days too.

Occasionally someone will come up to me and say ‘Hey Rish, you’ll never believe what Suella has done or said now!’ and I’ll think “Oh crumbs how are we going to spin that one.”

Of course, there will come a time when it will all be over and I just hope that people will think ‘well whatever you say about Rish he was just a regular guy like you and me who read Jillian Cooper novels – and guys – did you ever look at his Insta?’ 

And in all honesty – who could ask for a more important legacy than that?

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