Fri 26 April 2019
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John Mitchinson

John Mitchinson is a writer and publisher and the co-founder of Unbound: the world's leading crowdfunding platform for books. He was previously Director of Research and senior writer for the BBC TV show: QI. He is co-host of the popular books podcast Backlisted and a Vice-President of the Hay Festival. In his spare time he keeps pigs: sheep: chickens and bees.

The Upside Down: Is Alexander Dugin Putin’s Brain?

, 15 April 2019
John Mitchinson on the ideologue who revived 'Eurasianism'. Is Dugin really the Rasputin behind a more aggressive Kremlin? Or is he another post-truth prank?
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Culture The Upside Down Foreign Affairs Interference, collusion and alternative war Russia

THE UPSIDE DOWN: Rise Up & Be Strong

, 28 March 2019
Most mornings I’m possessed by the same thought. As I board my train in the country and end my journey on a canal towpath, it strikes me that each mile of track, each yard of path was laid by hand a century and a half ago, the work of men whose names were never recorded.
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Culture The Upside Down History Transport

The Upside Down: Gene Genies

, 19 March 2019
John Mitchinson turns his curious eye towards the Brave New World of Epigenetics - what is ‘On’ rather than ‘In’ our Genes
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Culture The Upside Down Health and medicine Nature, Environment and Climate

Early & Often: A Short History of Fixing Elections

, 11 March 2019
John Mitchinson on the not-so-recent history of rigging the vote, bribing voters with booze and voter suppression, using whiskey
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Culture The Upside Down Democracy History

Mould Breakers: the Magic and Mystery of Shrooms

, 3 March 2019
If this column were to have a mascot, it would be a mushroom. Fungi are everywhere, they are important, they are deeply weird and we know very little about them.
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Culture The Upside Down Nature, Environment and Climate

Dead Centre: The Collective Avoidance of Dying

, 25 February 2019
For most of us in the so-called developed world, death is rarely confronted head-on. At best, it’s ‘the rumble of distant thunder at a picnic’.
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Culture The Upside Down Society and Welfare

Search Me: When did Google Become So Shallow?

, 18 February 2019
As Facebook and other global tech giants come under scrutiny over the way they amass our data, John Mitchinson reveals how Google has less information
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Culture The Upside Down Tech, Data and Algorithms

Wetworld: the Most Unlikely Thing in the Universe

, 12 February 2019
We live in strange times. Familiarity is draining from our lives; old political alignments are dissolving; the weather is unpredictable and violent. But perhaps we should try harder to embrace the strangeness: after all, we are made from the most unlikely thing in the universe.
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Culture The Upside Down History