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Jonathan Fenton-Harvey

How the UN is Held Hostage by Power and Money

, 18 October 2021
Jonathan Fenton-Harvey explores the forces manipulating and undermining the objectives of the United Nations

After Trump, is Cooperation Blossoming in the Middle East?

, 27 September 2021
Jonathan Fenton-Harvey explores how the power balance in the region has shifted following last year’s US Presidential Election

Is the Most Successful Arab Democracy Slipping Back Into Authoritarianism?

, 5 July 2021
Although Tunisia has made promising progress since the 2011 Arab Spring, police violence, economic woes and political polarisation could destabilise its transition, reports Jonathan Fenton-Harvey

Syria’s Assad Cements Control Amid Continued International Inaction

, 3 June 2021
Jonathan Fenton-Harvey reports on how a sham election with Russian and Iranian support is creating a failed state in Syria

The Israeli Government’s Actions in Gaza and Jerusalem Test Joe Biden’s Legacy

, 13 May 2021
The escalating conflict between Israeli forces, Palestinians and now Israeli Arabs makes the US President’s ‘bothsiderism’ increasingly untenable, says Jonathan Fenton Harvey

Could Egypt and Ethiopia Go to War Over Water?

, 4 May 2021
Jonathan Fenton-Harvey reports on an escalating conflict centred on the river Nile

Still Reeling After the Beirut Explosion, Lebanon Is At Breaking Point

, 13 April 2021
The country has been plunged into crisis since the blast, reports Jonathan Fenton-Harvey

After Six Years of War in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is Forced to Offer a ‘Peace’ Solution

, 30 March 2021
Jonathan Fenton-Harvey looks at the latest cease-fire under pressure from the US as the war-torn country faces the dual threats of famine and COVID-19

The Gulf Crisis: How Diplomacy Trumped Populism and Manipulation

, 8 January 2021
Jonathan Fenton-Harvey explains how Joe Biden’s election victory has already provided an impetus for peace among Gulf states

‘Authoritarian But Stable’: The Role of Western Governments in Derailing the Arab Spring

, 22 December 2020
The second part of Jonathan Fenton-Harvey’s assessment of the Arab Spring explores how the lives of people living in the region could still be improved with the help of a West committed to democratic reform

How The Arab Spring Was Never Allowed to Succeed

, 21 December 2020
Ten years on from its origin in Tunisia, Jonathan Fenton Harvey assesses the chequered fate of the uprisings against autocrats in Egypt, Libya and Syria

Misguided Priorities: Britain Cuts Foreign Aid While Boosting Defence Spending

, 7 December 2020
Boris Johnson has promised Brexit means a Global Britain but plans to cut foreign aid in favour of defence spending is likely to mean the opposite explains Jonathan Fenton-Harvey

Would Biden Turn Around Trump’s Destructive Middle East Legacy?

, 29 October 2020
Donald Trump’s foreign policy has led to more instability in the Middle East but, as Jonathan Fenton-Harvey reports, the election of Joe Biden may not mean significant change

Why the UK Will Keep Rubber-Stamping the United Arab Emirates’ Myth of Tolerance

, 23 October 2020
With the economic fall-out from Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic looming, it is not in the UK Government’s interests to pressure the UAE on its human rights abuses, reports Jonathan Fenton-Harvey

Mohammad bin Salman Faces Lurking Threats to his Brutal Regime

, 5 October 2020
The Saudi Crown Prince has crushed dissent, yet his position still remains precarious, reports Jonathan Fenton-Harvey

The Lebanese Civilians Fighting Corruption with Dignity

, 27 August 2020

How Tunisia Won the Battle Against Coronavirus

, 16 June 2020

The Coronavirus Crisis: The UK's Forgotten Asylum Seekers

, 29 April 2020

Surrendering the Dictator: Is Sudan Coming in from the Cold?

, 26 February 2020

Yemen's Violence Escalates Again as Peace Efforts Fail

, 4 February 2020

How Yemen is a Pawn in the Great Power Game

, 21 October 2019

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