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Rachel Morris

The Wheels Coming Off on the Chancellor’s ‘Tough Road Ahead’

, 24 November 2022
Rachel Morris looks at the ideological underpinning and likely real-world effects of Jeremy Hunt's Autumn statement and sees Britain heading down a road to nowhere

‘Difficult Decisions’: The Ultimate Price We Pay for Austerity

, 2 November 2022
With more cuts to public services expected from Rishi Sunak's Government, Rachel Morris tracks the outcomes of the controversial policy since 2010

EXCLUSIVE ‘Lack of Evidence’ of Drugs Use in Parliament, Met Concludes

, 17 October 2022
A series of confusing, contradictory statements have been issued about cocaine being found in parliamentary bathrooms

Casino Politics: Westminster’s Gambling Addiction

, 13 October 2022
With a number of MPs accepting salaries and gifts from the gambling industry, Rachel Morris explores how those in power have an uncomfortably close relationship with betting

The Creation of the Great British Plutocracy

, 28 September 2022
Money rules in modern Britain, writes Rachel Morris

Fabricated Buildings: The Conservative NHS Investment Myth

, 23 September 2022
As the latest Conservative regime takes office, Rachel Morris considers one of the starkest failures of its predecessor

‘The ‘Britannia Unchained’ Gang are on the Wrong Side of the Home Working Revolution’

, 16 September 2022
Traditional, hierarchical attitudes to work are going to stifle the economic growth that Liz Truss so craves, argues Rachel Morris

From Tufton Street to Downing Street: The Opaque Charities at the Heart of Power

, 12 September 2022
Rachel Morris tracks the burgeoning influence of ‘free market’ think tanks on Conservative politics

‘It’s Targeted, It’s Deliberate’: The Demonisation of Some Women In Power

, 7 September 2022
As Downing Street welcomes its third female Prime Minister, Rachel Morris reflects on social and media expectations of certain women leaders

‘Sheer Cloudy Vagueness’: Language as a Tool of Political Coercion

, 26 August 2022
Rachel Morris considers how distortion and evasion are being used in the rhetoric of the Conservative leadership race to deceive the public

This Septic Isle

, 23 August 2022
Brexit is compounding, not relieving, the UK’s slurry of economic and environmental problems, says Rachel Morris

A Lack of Oversight in the Tory Leadership Contest Damages Democracy

, 29 July 2022
Rachel Morris responds to our recent reports on how people living abroad can pay to vote in the Conservative leadership contest, and install the next Prime Minister

Cruel Britannia and the ‘Global Britain’ Fallacy

, 27 July 2022
The rhetoric and the reality of post-Brexit Britain are more distant than ever, notes Rachel Morris

A Graceless Fall: The Dangers That Remain in the Twilight of Johnson’s Reign

, 14 July 2022
Chaotic, self-centred and unpredictable, Boris Johnson is still a constitutional conundrum, says Rachel Morris

Born in the USA: The Americanisation of Reactionary Politics in the UK

, 30 June 2022
From dark money think tanks to health privatisation, the influence of the American right on British politics is greater than we think, says Rachel Morris

Food Bank Britain

, 13 May 2022

Pestminster and the Shaming of Democracy

, 29 April 2022

The Rent Trap: Britain’s Broken Housing Market

, 8 February 2022

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