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Paul Niland


Stalingrad: The Second Time as Farce

, 2 February 2023
As Putin threatens the West at a commemoration of the decisive World War Two battle, Paul Niland says the Russian President's red lines are drawn in the sand

‘Calls for a ‘Negotiated End’ to Putin’s War is a Simplistic Solution to an Unthinkable Reality’

, 24 January 2023
No Ukrainian citizens can be left living under the Russian President's fascist rule, writes Paul Niland

Why Putin has No Path to Victory in Ukraine this Year

, 3 January 2023
Paul Niland looks at how even Russia's minimal war aims in Ukraine are vague and impossible, eroded by the attrition of the Ukrainian armed forces and a failing mobilisation

‘The Putin Regime: An Obituary’

, 23 November 2022
Putin has already lost his war against Ukraine, on the ground, in the air, and on its airwaves. It's just a matter of time before the consequences for him and his repellent regime become apparent

Kyiv Diary: Blackout Under Loitering Munitions

, 2 November 2022
Paul Niland anticipates a brutal winter ahead as Russia targets civilian infrastructure with weapons supplied by Iran

How to Deal with Russia’s Nuclear Threat over Ukraine

, 19 October 2022
Putin’s nuclear posturing is largely empty, says Paul Niland, but that doesn’t mean the risks are non-existent

The Myth of Russian Separatists in the Donbas

, 21 September 2022
As Putin announces plans to annex more Ukrainian territory, Paul Niland exposes one of the most persistent Russian propaganda ploys which tries to turn victim into perpetrator

Russia’s War Addiction

, 12 August 2022
Kyiv-based Paul Niland explores the recurring feature of Vladimir Putin's 22-year rule

There Can Be No Concessions or Negotiations with Vladimir Putin

, 3 August 2022
Kyiv-based Paul Niland explores why recent calls for Ukraine to come to a 'peaceful compromise' with Russia – despite its unprovoked invasion of the country continuing – cannot be adhered to

‘Ukraine Fatigue’ Will be Vladimir Putin’s Biggest Ally in the Months Ahead

, 16 June 2022
Ukraine's victory matters to the world and the West should continue to provide support in whatever way it can, says Paul Niland

War in Ukraine: What Happens Next?

, 10 May 2022
Kyiv-based Paul Niland considers how Vladimir Putin’s invasion will play out in the wake of significant losses by the Russians across Ukraine

‘We are Here at the Invitation of the Legitimate Government’: Providing Air Support to Ukraine

, 7 March 2022
Kyiv-based Paul Niland considers the options available to help Ukraine put an end to Vladimir Putin’s military machine once and for all

Putin's Gamble and the First Shots of a Revolution

, 28 February 2022
Paul Niland argues that the Russian President has doubled down on his gamble by invading Ukraine, with dire consequences for his undemocratic rule in Russia

Ukraine is a Warning Shot – This is About Us All

, 22 February 2022
Kyiv resident Paul Niland explains why the West must finally recognise the real cause of Russia's aggression – and take a firm and collective stand against Vladimir Putin

Why is Vladimir Putin Existentially Threatened by Ukraine?

, 27 January 2022
As the drumbeats of war grow louder, Paul Niland explains that while Ukraine provides no military threat, its growing democratic and anti-corruption culture terrifies the Kremlin

Trump and Putin: Is Naftogaz the Big Prize?

, 29 September 2020

Friday 13th: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

, 9 December 2019

Trump's Impeachment Investigation

, 19 November 2019

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