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Paul Niland


‘Ukraine Fatigue’ Will be Vladimir Putin’s Biggest Ally in the Months Ahead

, 16 June 2022
Ukraine's victory matters to the world and the West should continue to provide support in whatever way it can, says Paul Niland

War in Ukraine: What Happens Next?

, 10 May 2022
Kyiv-based Paul Niland considers how Vladimir Putin’s invasion will play out in the wake of significant losses by the Russians across Ukraine

‘We are Here at the Invitation of the Legitimate Government’: Providing Air Support to Ukraine

, 7 March 2022
Kyiv-based Paul Niland considers the options available to help Ukraine put an end to Vladimir Putin’s military machine once and for all

Putin's Gamble and the First Shots of a Revolution

, 28 February 2022
Paul Niland argues that the Russian President has doubled down on his gamble by invading Ukraine, with dire consequences for his undemocratic rule in Russia

Ukraine is a Warning Shot – This is About Us All

, 22 February 2022
Kyiv resident Paul Niland explains why the West must finally recognise the real cause of Russia's aggression – and take a firm and collective stand against Vladimir Putin

Why is Vladimir Putin Existentially Threatened by Ukraine?

, 27 January 2022
As the drumbeats of war grow louder, Paul Niland explains that while Ukraine provides no military threat, its growing democratic and anti-corruption culture terrifies the Kremlin

Vladimir Putin's 'Piece' Plan for Ukraine Exposes Seven Years of Deceit

, 15 July 2021
From his experience of the propaganda wars around the Russian invasion of Eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, Paul Niland dissects the document released by Donald Trump's former lawyer

Between the Lines of the Biden – Putin Summit

, 17 June 2021
US President Joe Biden and Russia's President Vladimir Putin meet for talks at the Villa La Grange in Geneva. Photo:: ITAR-TASS News Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

Joe Biden’s First Task: Understanding His Enemies

, 20 January 2021
The Russian threat has not dissipated now that Donald Trump has left the White House, says Paul Niland

Trump and Putin: Is Naftogaz the Big Prize?

, 29 September 2020
Paul Niland explores the evidence that, with the help of the US President, Ukrainian's state-owned oil and gas company could be an important asset in Russia's hybrid warfare

‘Sasha 3%’: Time is Up for Belarus’ Dictator – Revolution is Underway

, 10 August 2020
Paul Niland argues that the popular protests against President Lukashenko are the beginning of a popular revolution against injustice which could follow the model of Ukraine

How Johnson and Trump Transformed Their Countries From World Health Leaders into Coronavirus Disaster Cases

, 16 July 2020
Paul Niland explores how a sudden, wilful populist destruction of institutions dragged the two top-rated countries for global health emergencies to the bottom of the pile

The Coronavirus Crisis: Now is Exactly the Time for Global Comparisons

, 7 May 2020
Paul Niland finds a pattern in the international responses to COVID-19, with populists who ignore the evidence having fared worst.

The Coronavirus Crisis: The Crisis of Incompetence

, 19 March 2020
Paul Niland explores how the global Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the weakness of populist politics and unprincipled power.

To Align or Diverge? Why the Silence over this Brexit Question is Dangerous

, 27 February 2020
Paul Niland considers why the UK Government appears not to want to publicly discuss the UK's future relationship with EU – despite it being the biggest political change of our times.

Friday 13th: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

, 9 December 2019

Trump's Impeachment Investigation

, 19 November 2019

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