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John Lubbock

How Can We Solve the House of Lords Problem?

, 28 March 2022
John Lubbock speaks to parliamentarians about how the Upper Chamber could be reformed to reflect the modern age

EXCLUSIVE Who Owns the Fracking Giant Cuadrilla?

, 23 March 2022
There is some mystery over the individuals behind the UK’s sole fracking company, as the Government considers a U-turn, reports John Lubbock

EXCLUSIVE The Absent Lords: 13% of Peers Rarely or Never Attend

, 9 March 2022
As scrutiny mounts over the appointment of Lord Lebedev, John Lubbock investigates how many peers share his reticence towards democratic participation

EXCLUSIVE MPs Raise Concerns as Government’s Reliance on Controversial Foreign COVID Testing Firm Continues

, 4 February 2022
John Lubbock investigates why domestic lateral flow test manufacturers are still being left out in the cold by the Government

‘A Total Waste of Police Time’: Labour Rows Over Drugs Policy as Cannabis Offences Surge

, 5 January 2022
New data shows a mounting drugs problem in England and Wales, while Labour and the Conservatives remain committed to status quo solutions, reports John Lubbock

EXCLUSIVE Coronavirus Border Chaos: Confusion Over Recording and Enforcing of ‘Day Two’ Tests

, 2 December 2021
John Lubbock reports on his efforts to extract Coronavirus travel testing data from the Government

The UK Lags Behind Europe on Installing Low Carbon Heat Pumps

, 20 October 2021
A new announcement on Government grants to install heat pumps does not go far enough – while the policy itself faces criticism from climate sceptics and a right-wing media

EXCLUSIVE Genomic Marketing of COVID Testing Company Without People’s Affirmative Consent

, 14 October 2021
Privacy International has warned of a potentially ‘serious breach’ of privacy regulations by a firm that has been awarded £169.4 million in Government contracts

EXCLUSIVE Windfall: Queen Will Be One of the Biggest Beneficiaries of UK’s Green Agenda

, 4 October 2021
John Lubbock investigates how the Royal Family may end up earning millions of pounds from the UK’s offshore wind farms

EXCLUSIVE UK COVID Testing Dependent on Imports Despite British Companies Being Available To Do the Same Work

, 20 August 2021
An exclusive investigation by The Citizens and the Byline Intelligence Team reveals just how dependent the UK’s testing capability is on foreign imports

EXCLUSIVE Conservative Links to 30% of Top 20 COVID Contract Firms

, 15 July 2021
The Byline Intelligence Team and The Citizens report on yet more conflict of interest questions surrounding the Government’s procurement during the pandemic

EXCLUSIVE UK’s Outsourcing of COVID Response Has Cost More Than the GDP of 140 Countries

, 12 July 2021
The Byline Intelligence Team puts the Government’s vast private sector procurement effort into context

‘I’d Become a Criminal for Living a Nomadic Way of Life’: Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Communities Protest Against New Policing Bill

, 9 July 2021
The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill creates a new offence of residing or intending to reside on land with a vehicle

EXCLUSIVE How Much Did We Pay For PPE? Data the Government Doesn’t Want to Reveal

, 21 June 2021
John Lubbock inspects data that has been leaked and accidentally released about the amount the UK actually paid for PPE during the Coronavirus crisis

From Cameron to COVID: 10 Years of Broken Transparency Promises

, 6 May 2021
John Lubbock explains how the Coronavirus pandemic has unravelled the Government’s glib commitment to openness over public contracts

Babylon Health and the Health Data Goldrush

, 4 August 2020

Online Harms - Ending Anonymity will Hurt More

, 26 February 2020

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