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James Melville

Modern Slavery is Never Out of Fashion: Child Labour in the Clothing Industry

, 14 July 2020
As part of his regular series on modern slavery, James Melville looks at how many of the garments we wear rest on a supply chain of child exploitation and misery

From Bean to Brew — The Hidden Cost of Coffee Slavery

, 2 July 2020
In a further report in his series on Modern Slavery, James Melville looks at the exploitation behind the coffee industry

From Stone to Phone: Modern Day Cobalt Slavery in Congo

, 19 June 2020
James Melville explains why slavery isn't just a historic issue of statues and how your mobile phone contributes to the modern enslavement of 40 million people

Coronavirus Crisis: As Ireland Reopens, the UK Faces a Summer of Discontent

, 8 June 2020
James Melville reports on how foresight helped Ireland fight COVID-19, while Boris Johnson's Government wallow in hindsight and blame

Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again

, 3 June 2020
James Melville explains why the US President was always destined to burn bridges rather than build them, and how he fans the flames of racism

The Conservative Government is Protecting Dominic Cummings More than they have Protected our Care Homes

, 26 May 2020
James Melville argues that the Dominic Cummings Scandal has become Boris Johnson's 'Black Wednesday' moment when authority drains away even from his core support

SWEDEN: The Other 'Herd Immunity' Country Vying for the Highest Coronavirus Per Capita Death Rate in the World

, 21 May 2020
As Britain and Sweden compete in COVID-19 fatalities, James Melville considers the catastrophic failures of the Scandinavian country compared to its neighbours

Populism and the Pandemic: Argentina Responded to COVID-19 while Brazil Ignored

, 18 May 2020
James Melville continues his international analysis of Coronavirus responses with the stark contrast between two South American neighbours

How Costa Rica Nipped Coronavirus in the Bud

, 12 May 2020
James Melville continues his comparisons of global best practice responses to the Pandemic with the first Latin America country to report a COVID-19 case.

Australia has Fewer Coronavirus Deaths than Devon

, 7 May 2020
James Melville continues his comparison of international responses to COVID-19 and shows how just one British rural county has suffered more than a continent.

Vietnam: Another Lesson in How to Deal with the Coronavirus Pandemic

, 4 May 2020
James Melville continues his global tour of international responses to COVID-19 with some stark comparisons to the UK.

The Coronavirus Crisis: the Portuguese Pandemic Miracle

, 27 April 2020
James Melville continues his series comparing international responses to COVID-19 and the example of Portugal shines out despite an ageing population and a frail health service.

The Coronavirus Crisis: Denmark’s Gold Standard Response

, 22 April 2020
James Melville reports on Denmark's effective response to COVID-19 — mass testing, an early lockdown, and no bailouts for companies in tax havens.

Greece Teaches the UK a Lesson on How to Respond to the Coronavirus Crisis

, 16 April 2020
James Melville reports on how Greece, by adopting foresight rather than hindsight, has a fraction of COVID-19 deaths per capita compared to Britain

The Coronavirus Crisis: Germany - Another Country Whose Approach puts the UK to Shame

, 9 April 2020
James Melville contrasts and compares Britain to the fast testing and community outreach approach of its European neighbours.

Poverty in the UK is a Government-Created Crisis

, 25 February 2020

The Great British Immigration Myth

, 19 February 2020

Britain Enters the Next Phase of Project Blame

, 4 February 2020

The Weaponising of 'Woke'

, 23 January 2020

The Lost Art of Seriousness in Politics

, 20 January 2020

Brexitannia: The British Identity Crisis

, 13 December 2019

Brexit: The Great British Con

, 30 October 2019

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