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Iain Overton

EXCLUSIVE Government Stalling on Releasing Boris Johnson WhatsApp Messages

, 27 April 2022
Iain Overton reports on attempts by campaigners to force greater transparency from the Government on the Prime Minister’s use of private messaging apps

Death by a Hundred Scandals: Are We Living in a Sociopathocracy?

, 22 April 2022
Iain Overton considers the calibre of people drawn to high office, and how power has warped their sense of empathy and compassion

In Sending Weapons to Ukraine, We Must Not Forget the Lessons of History

, 14 March 2022
Iain Overton provides a word of caution as the world exports tonnes of arms to the frontline of Putin’s war

The Ugly Face of War: How Technology is Set to Change the Battlefield

, 7 February 2022
Iain Overton explores how facial recognition technology is being applied to military conflict

As Britain Slashes Aid to Ukraine, is Johnson Using the Threat of War as a Cover For his Own Scandals?

, 31 January 2022
The support offered to Ukraine over a looming Russian invasion serves Boris Johnson's own interests rather than the country in Putin's sights, says Iain Overton

Profiteering, not Philanthropy: How Public Schools Abandoned Public Service

, 1 December 2021
Iain Overton traces the evolution of the Muscular Christianity of British Public Schools into post-imperial Muscular Capitalism and explains this is far from charitable

EXCLUSIVE The Digital Dogs of War

, 17 September 2021
Iain Overton considers how London’s biggest arms trade fair reveals the true face of modern conflict – and why civilians will bear the brunt of this autonomous, distanced new form of warfare

EXCLUSIVE Ten Examples of British Military Spending Plagued by Inefficiency and Spiralling Costs

, 14 September 2021
As the giant DSEI arms fair gets underway in east London, Iain Overton catalogues 10 instances demonstrating the problems with Government defence procurement

EXCLUSIVE MOD Refuses to Say How Many Towns and Cities the RAF Bombed in Iraq and Syria

, 23 August 2021
The decision to refuse a Freedom of Information request that aimed to clarify civilian casualties related to UK airstrikes raises concerns about MOD transparency

EXCLUSIVE Etonocracy: How One Public School Came to Dominate Public Life

, 20 August 2021
The dominance of Eton-educated men in public life is greater than it was a century ago – with Old Etonians running politics, the media, the Church, and the law

EXCLUSIVE Military Magazines Issued with Ministry of Defence Knowledge Reveal Its Top Secrets

, 6 August 2021
The department has refused to disclose the location of Operation Catallo – while British Army publications have shared details of it

Government By WhatsApp: Departments’ Secrecy Around Advisors’ Messages Exposes Johnson Administration’s Unaccountable Power

, 30 June 2021
Iain Overton’s investigation into one simple question revealed fundamental truths about where accountability lies in British politics today

Putin’s Hybrid War on Truth in Ukraine is a Threat to Us All

, 28 June 2021
From digital attacks to physical assaults on journalists, Iain Overton’s investigation into the Russian disinformation playbook of chaos in Ukraine is a chilling portent of future wars

The Politics of Torture and the Erosion of Truth

, 26 May 2021
Oleksandra Matviychuk paints a troubling picture of a Russian tactic designed to undermine democratic rule in eastern Ukraine

A Fixer’s War: Inside the Life of the Unsung Hero of Foreign Reporting

, 21 May 2021
Iain Overton gives an insight into the local agents who act as a lynchpin of conflict journalism

A Hospital on the Edge of Civilisation

, 23 September 2019

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