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Chris York

‘It was As If I had been Sitting Underwater’: Residents of Liberated Kherson Celebrate and Mourn

, 18 November 2022
Chris York speaks to those who have been living with terror in the only regional Ukrainian capital the Russians had captured since its reinvasion in February

‘Slightly Reduced Comfort a Small Price to Pay for Victory’: Surviving Daily Blackouts in a Warzone

, 28 October 2022
Chris York meets a family in Kyiv to find out how people are living with Russia’s renewed assault on Ukraine's civilian infrastructure

Kyiv’s Street Baristas Carry On Undaunted By Russia’s Renewed Attacks

, 24 October 2022
Although again aware of the possibility of death at any moment, the city's coffee servers have opted to keep offering hot drinks – and support – to its residents. Chris York reports

‘Such Sharp Changes Look Very Unusual’: Even Some Ukrainians Feel Sorry for Britain’s Political Shambles

, 21 October 2022
Amid a misjudged social media endorsement of Boris Johnson by the Ukrainian Government, Chris York speaks to people in Kyiv about what they make of the UK's political crisis

There's No Escaping War, Wherever You Are in Ukraine

, 14 October 2022
Far away from the front line, Chris York reports from Western Ukraine where residents fear both the march of Vladimir Putin, nuclear war and winter

‘Flashbacks of the First Days Of The Invasion’: 24 Hours Under Renewed Attack In Kyiv

, 11 October 2022
As Russian missiles rain down again on the Ukrainian capital, Chris York finds that Putin's attempt to intimidate Ukrainians is being met with increasing defiance

‘People Feel Guilty’ – The Seven Emotions of Odesans At War

, 13 September 2022
Chris York samples the mood of Ukrainians in the Black Sea city after 200 days of war, and finds conflicting feelings of fear, suspicion, hope, sadness and defiance

Russia Rattled by a Cartoon Dog: Ukrainian Civilians and their Counter-Offensive

, 12 September 2022
Chris York explains how the NAFO phenomenon is just one example of the decentralised ingenuity of Ukraine's civil society against the centralised troll farms and bots of the Kremlin's hybrid warfare

What Ukrainians Think About Jeremy Corbyn’s Ukraine Interview

, 3 August 2022
Chris York reports on the reaction of Ukrainians after the former Labour Leader said the West supplying weapons to the country will 'prolong and exaggerate' Vladimir Putin's unprovoked war

Why the Conservative Leadership Crisis has been a Boon for Russian Propagandists

, 22 July 2022
Chris York reports from Ukraine on the impact of Boris Johnson’s resignation on the Kremlin’s information wars, and their plans for his successor

How Russia’s Western Propagandists are Undermining Justice for War Crime Victims 

, 18 July 2022
Chris York looks at the Kremlin's increasingly reliance on foreign 'influencers' to sow doubt and disinformation about the regime's war crimes in Ukraine

EXCLUSIVE Inside the Fight Against the Human Trafficking ‘Sweet Shop’ on Ukraine’s Border

, 6 May 2022
A disturbing investigation by Chris York finds that war in Ukraine is another business opportunity for human traffickers

Five Things Ukrainians Want You To Understand Now

, 12 April 2022
Chris York provides an insight into Ukrainian perceptions of the war, and how they believe it is being misrepresented abroad

‘There is no Mariupol. I Don’t Even Know How to Express this with Words’

, 25 March 2022
Chris York speaks to mothers and children who have fled Russia's invasion of Ukraine and arrived in Poland

‘We Have to Start Our Lives From A New Page’: The Young Women’s Dreams Being Destroyed By Putin’s War

, 16 March 2022
Between fear and the future, Chris York reports from Poland about how the Russian President has upended so many Ukrainian lives

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