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Luton's answer to Albert Camus

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Hope Soars Eternal: The Nebra Sky Disk

, 10 December 2021
An ancient artefact due to go on display in the British Museum opens our eyes to a sophisticated and internationally-connected Bronze Age community

Persisting in the Ruins: A Walk Through Thessaloniki’s History

, 2 August 2021
Mike Stuchbery returns with his tours through history – on this occasion through a city which has been an axis of trade, faith and conflict

Hope Carved from Bone: The Prehistoric Treasures of the Swabian Jura

, 19 June 2020
In the 40,000-year-old fragments of evocative animals and figurines, Mike Stuchbery finds inspiration and resilience in dark times

Building on the Rubble — The Memorials of Stuttgart

, 12 June 2020
Mike Stuchbery explains how, rather than mute statues, Germany has a much more dynamic dialogue with its traumatic imperial past

Fear – the Most Infectious Contagion

, 10 February 2020
With the Coronavirus the subject of headlines the world over, fears of a pandemic have again arisen. Along with media speculation, however, there is a far more insidious contagion.

GOLD DUST WOMAN: The Story of Sybilla von Anhalt

, 28 January 2020

The Fires of Bamberg are Still Burning

, 16 January 2020
Mike Stuchbery returns with his telling short histories - this time of how climate change and panic led to an explosion of persecution, mainly of women.

Death and Loss: Hope and Renewal - A Message from Stuttgart

, 23 December 2019
After a tumultuous year politically and personally for Mike Stuchbery, he reminds how humans have survived the darkest hours.

Germany Calling: at the Crossroads of Europe

, 7 October 2019
Mike Stuchbery reflects on leaving the UK behind after a tumultuous three years.

Goodbye to All That

, 2 September 2019
Mike Stuchbery explains his decision to leave the UK

Lives Left in Stone: Cologne's Eternal Cathedral

, 14 August 2019
Will Cologne's cathedral, which was centuries in the making, ever be considered to be truly 'finished'? Maybe nothing we build ever is.

Art and Disaster: 'The Delft Thunderclap'

, 7 August 2019
Mike Stuchbery on how terrible moments of devastation can be overcome with creativity and vision.

The Art of Dying – A Medieval Blockbuster for Terrible Times

, 31 July 2019
Mike Stuchbery on reading one of the first printed bestsellers – a book on how to die properly – from his hospital bed.

Between Two Worlds: The Secrets of the Shaman of Bad Dürrenberg

, 12 July 2019
On a recent trip to Germany, Mike Stuchbery came across the remains of a woman who lived some 8,500 years ago – astonishing, not only for the impressive manner in which she was buried, but the secrets that her bones contained.

Living with Attention Deficit Disorder

, 9 July 2019
Mike Stuchbery on his recent ADD diagnosis and why this has provided the breakthrough he needed.

Unbroken: The Story of Artemisia Gentileschi

, 6 June 2019

London Calling – City of the World

, 31 May 2019

The Last Straw? In Defence of the Milkshake

, 20 May 2019

Rape, Race and UKIP's MEP Candidate

, 20 April 2019

Get Stoned - Therapy, Neolithic Style

, 10 April 2019
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