Fri 26 April 2019
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Mike Stuchbery

Luton's answer to Albert Camus

Battle of the Bucket – So Much Blood Shed over So Little

, 25 April 2019
Tribalism is killing us, wrote Tina Gharavi in our launch issue and Mike Stuchery has a vivid example of this from history.
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Rape, Race and UKIP’s MEP Candidate

, 20 April 2019
Carl Benjamin, the would-be UKIP MEP for South-West England, must recognise that he speaks out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to issues such as racism and misogyny.
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In the Smoke of Notre Dame: To all the Churches I’ve Loved

, 17 April 2019
As the embers cool in the devastated sections of Notre Dame de Paris and the world comes together to restore it, it seems a good time to reflect on the effect that historic churches and cathedrals have had on my own life.
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A Thousand Small acts of Kindness – How to Tame the Black Dog of Depression

, 12 April 2019
Mike Stuchbery speaks out about his mental health struggles, and in doing so finds a cure in the kindness of others
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Get Stoned – Therapy, Neolithic Style

, 10 April 2019
Mike Stuchbery argues that we need to take a salutary walk in the shadow our our ancestors to reconnect with their hopes and fears
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Online Islamophobia: YouTube Still Aiding the Targeting of Muslims

, 4 April 2019
Mike Stuchbery speaks to Parveen Ali who has experienced harrassment and abuse since appearing in a YouTube video by a well-known Far Right figure.
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Stuchbery’s Histories: What Regiswindis Teaches Us

, 2 April 2019
Mike Stuchbery takes a brief holiday from the tensions of the here and now to wonder why all those lives of the saints tend to end quite badly.
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Weaponising history: the graffitied rifle of the Christchurch terrorist is a tool to radicalise

, 15 March 2019
The Christchurch terrorist created a misleading historical narrative of how Christians and Muslims have interacted over time. Mike Stuchbery explains why this is so dangerous.
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A Quiet Kind of Terror: What It’s Like to be the Target of a Far Right Witch-hunt

, 11 March 2019
A week after Mike Stuchbery became subject to targeted harassment and threats of violence, he reflects on the impact it has had on his life.
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Stuchbery’s Strange Histories: the Sad Tale of Gesche Gottfried

, 5 March 2019
Millennials, and the generation that followed them, have often been painted as self-obsessed, image-conscious, fixated on the picture that they present to the world. But we only need look at the sad tale of Gesche Gottfried to understand that we’ve always been vain creatures.
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Lessons from the Clubmen: How the English Civil War can Make us More Civil

, 27 February 2019
Increasingly, when I think of the divisions within British society - Left and Right, Leave and Remain, for example - I can’t help but think of the Clubmen.
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Online Endgame for ‘Tommy Robinson’ – but What Next for the British Hard Right?

, 26 February 2019
Mike Stuchbery wonders whether British populists will ever rally round a strongman figure and whether something worse could replace it
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Tommy has No Clothes

, 25 February 2019
The truth of things, deep down, is that the man calling himself 'Tommy Robinson’ isn't the leader or figurehead he's been sold as... On Saturday, many of his strongest supporters began to realise that - and that's something to worry about.
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‘Tommy’ & Facebook: Kicking the Habit

, 15 February 2019
Mike Stuchbery challenges Mark Zuckerberg to stop enabling Stephen Yaxley-Lennon's hate and asks you to help him
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The Fake News Around Viennese Coffee Houses Shows How We Twist Reality to Suit Our Myths

, 14 February 2019
The Viennese take coffee very seriously – nigh on a religion. If you go, you’ll undoubtedly hear about how coffee was introduced to the city in the late 17th Century... The story is, of course, complete rubbish.
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Communities Unite to Defend Against the Far Right

, 11 February 2019
Londoners united on a chilly Sunday night to attend the inaugural meeting of the London Anti-Fascist Assembly.
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The Prehistoric Common Market: Golden Finds on a German Hillside

, 7 February 2019
As archaeologists are increasingly discovering, humanity has always been interconnected, relying on the exchange of ideas to function.
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‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters Run Rampant in London and Attack Police Station

, 2 February 2019
With Brexit weeks away, serious questions need to be asked about both the Metropolitan Police and Government's approach towards increasingly violent 'Yellow Vest’ protests.
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A Message to You, Rudy

, 1 February 2019
While it’s sometimes fairly lazy to find a contemporary angle to finish on, Rudolf’s story does bring to mind several political leaders as of late, unable to take the reins and engage with a fracturing, divided populace.
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