Wed 24 February 2021

A fast growing ‘Irexit’ campaign gaining online traction over recent months, calling for Ireland’s withdrawal from the EU, has close links with British white nationalists.

An investigation by anti-racism activists in Ireland has revealed that the ‘Muintir na héireann’ (‘People of Ireland’) website and Facebook community, with over 10,000 followers, is the work of Jack Sen (pictured) – a notorious white nationalist, who most recently came to prominence in the Channel 4 documentary, ‘Sleeping With The Far Right’.

The ‘People of Ireland’ campaign is not associated with the Irish populist party of the same name that existed during the 1990s.

Address details, Google Analytics codes and other details on the website, all point to Jack Sen’s home in Southport, Merseyside, as featured in the Channel 4 documentary. Image folders on the site also feature pictures of Sen with other white nationalists.

When contacted for comment, Mr Sen claimed that his involvement extended only to providing hosting for the site.

He told Byline Times: “With all of the anti-EU sites I host in Europe (I run nine in total on the continent), my goal is to give the patriots fighting European Union corruption and oppression total control over content.”

This statement contrasts with the presence on the website of articles with the author name ‘G Wolf’ – one of Sen’s frequent pseudonyms, under which he has published his extreme views.

Sen did not deny acting as an admin for the Facebook page.

Furthermore, the ‘Muintir na héireann’ site contains folders of racist and xenophobic material relating to other Far Right projects – ‘European Knights Project’ and ‘Liberty Defenders’.

Other groups linked to ‘Muintir na héireann’, such as the ‘Irexit Freedom Party‘, deleted tweets and online postings when questioned about their relationship with the campaign.

Mr Sen (born Dilip Sengupta) was expelled from UKIP in 2015 for anti-Semitic comments he made regarding Labour MP Luciana Berger, during his campaign for the seat of West Lancashire.

He then joined the British National Party, before leaving it claiming that it was ‘soft on Zionists’.

As reported elsewhere, Mr Sen hosts a regular show with David Duke, leader of the modern Ku Klux Klan and former BNP leader, Nick Griffin. He frequently lashes out against multiculturalism, homosexuality and other targets of the extreme right through his various online outlets.

News of Mr Sen’s work on ‘Muintir na héireann’ comes as The Guardian reports that thousands of online groups across Europe are spreading hatred ahead of the European Elections.

Mr Sen himself states: “I own many of the websites fighting EU oppression across Europe. Sites that fight corruption, globalisation, Islamification, society-destroying Zionism and anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-Western hatred pushed by the oppressive monsters running the EU.”

Social media companies’ failure to comprehensively crack down on white nationalist groups using its platform to push their agenda, especially in the wake of the recent Christchurch massacre, is of increasing concern to both governments and community activist groups.

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