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Alexandra Hall Hall

‘Great British Democracy’: Who Voted for This?

, 30 September 2022
The UK's political system currently resembles an unelected autocracy rather than a truly representative democracy, writes former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall

‘The Queen’s Funeral Presents Diplomatic Challenges like None Other’

, 13 September 2022
Former diplomat and ambassador Alexandra Hall Hall reflects on whether the occasion of the monarch's passing could present the opportunity for Britain to ease some international tensions

The End of Boris Johnson: ‘Legacy – What Legacy?’

, 5 September 2022
As the UK stands on the edge of a cliff, former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall assesses what the boy who wanted to be 'world king' achieved when he fulfilled his relentless ambition

Where is Britain’s Liz Cheney?

, 18 August 2022
Alexandra Hall Hall explores the worrying trajectories of the US Republicans and the UK's Conservative Party

Turning the Chapter on the Johnson Years: My Wish List for our Next Prime Minister

, 5 August 2022
Former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall explores how the UK could start rebuilding public trust in its institutions and our democracy following a turbulent few years

Undiplomatic Dispatches: An Exclusive New Column by Alexandra Hall Hall for Byline Times

, 1 August 2022
Byline Times is thrilled to announce a new column by former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall only in its monthly print edition. Here she explains what readers can expect

Johnson’s Visit to the Lebedevs: A Dire State Not A ‘Deep State’

, 28 July 2022
There is no such thing as 'private business' when you're Foreign Secretary, writes former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall

‘Homes for Ukraine’ and the Two Faces of the British Government

, 4 July 2022
Former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall follows up on the story of British host Jane and Ukrainian refugee Nadia and the fresh hurdles they have faced around the Government's asylum scheme

Civil Disservice: The Art and Craft of Lying for Britain

, 21 June 2022
Former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall charts how she was employed to bend the truth – and the consequences of this for our current politics

What Man Has Made of Man: Confessions of an Optimist

, 13 May 2022
Alexandra Hall Hall considers the mistakes she has made in believing that the arc of history was travelling in a more progressive direction

What America’s Security and Foreign Experts Really Think About Boris Johnson’s Brexit Britain

, 4 May 2022
Participating in an event with American foreign and security experts and politicians recently, former British diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall was taken aback by their views on the state of the UK

Risking Our Democracy

, 26 April 2022
Former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall argues that the time has come for serious discussions about reforming Britain's political structures

‘Unbelievable Incompetence or a Cynical Betrayal’: Jane and Nadia’s Journey Through the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ Scheme

, 13 April 2022
Alexandra Hall Hall documents the hurdles at every step experienced by Jane in bringing Nadia and her family to the UK – and questions why the Government created a system that seems deliberately difficult for those who want to help Ukrainians in need

Are the Royals Trapped in a Gilded Cage – Or Is Britain?

, 31 March 2022
Is the Royal Family trapped by Britain's past or is the problem our inability to conceive of a social order without monarchy?

Could Ukraine Mark a Turning Point for Western Democracy?

, 4 March 2022
After years of turning a blind eye to Vladimir Putin's aggression, the West finally appears to be uniting against him – as Ukraine continues to pay the cost

Global Britain or Lonely Britain?

, 2 February 2022

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