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Alexandra Hall Hall

Iraq and Brexit: A Common Thread of Hubris

, 23 March 2023
Both events were driven more by ideological conviction – than rational analysis – and against the advice of most experts, writes former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall

‘Threatening to Leave the ECHR would be the Perfect Terrain for Next Conservative Election Campaign’

, 8 March 2023
The Government may do just enough to rile up the Conservative Party’s voter base by engineering yet another pointless row with European bodies, writes former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall

‘With the Northern Ireland Protocol Deal, Sunak has Recognised Peace is Hard and Conflict is Deadly’

, 28 February 2023
Do Boris Johnson, David Frost and the ERG want Northern Ireland to be stuck in a similar spiral of distrust and possible resumption of violence as the Israelis and Palestinians, writes former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall

‘Does Boris Johnson Deserve a Pass Because of Ukraine?’

, 3 February 2023
Former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall assesses the former Prime Minister's recent trip to the US in support of Ukraine and what it says about his political motives

Lying Again? The Many Questions for Boris Johnson Over his Support for Ukraine

, 30 January 2023
With the former Prime Minister again dominating the news with claims of alleged nuclear threats from Vladimir Putin, former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall puts his record on Ukraine under the spotlight

‘War in Ukraine: Lessons from Georgia’

, 13 January 2023
The West can better help Ukraine by learning from its mistakes with Georgia, writes former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall

‘Amateur Hour in British Politics’

, 11 November 2022
As more and more ministers are handed top jobs for their loyalty rather than their competence, former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall considers what we can do about this democratic deficit

Make or Break: Will Rishi Sunak be Able to Tackle the Conservatives’ Many Political Divides?

, 25 October 2022
Brexit, immigration, 'Global Britain', energy and austerity – former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall sets out the challenges ahead for Britain's latest Prime Minister

‘Moving UK Embassy in Israel would be a British Betrayal’

, 7 October 2022
Former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall – who headed the Foreign Office’s Middle East Peace Process Section for two years in the late 1990s – assesses reports that the UK’s embassy in Israel could move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

‘Growing Nowhere’

, 6 October 2022
Liz Truss' agenda is meaningless without a wider framework for the non-economic values that will enable Britain to flourish, writes former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall

‘Great British Democracy’: Who Voted for This?

, 30 September 2022
The UK's political system currently resembles an unelected autocracy rather than a truly representative democracy, writes former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall

‘The Queen’s Funeral Presents Diplomatic Challenges like None Other’

, 13 September 2022
Former diplomat and ambassador Alexandra Hall Hall reflects on whether the occasion of the monarch's passing could present the opportunity for Britain to ease some international tensions

The End of Boris Johnson: ‘Legacy – What Legacy?’

, 5 September 2022
As the UK stands on the edge of a cliff, former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall assesses what the boy who wanted to be 'world king' achieved when he fulfilled his relentless ambition

Where is Britain’s Liz Cheney?

, 18 August 2022
Alexandra Hall Hall explores the worrying trajectories of the US Republicans and the UK's Conservative Party

Turning the Chapter on the Johnson Years: My Wish List for our Next Prime Minister

, 5 August 2022
Former diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall explores how the UK could start rebuilding public trust in its institutions and our democracy following a turbulent few years

What Man Has Made of Man: Confessions of an Optimist

, 13 May 2022

Risking Our Democracy

, 26 April 2022

Global Britain or Lonely Britain?

, 2 February 2022

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