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Kseniya Kirillova

Why Scandals and a ‘Superman’ Image Won’t Help Trump

, 30 October 2020
In an election packed with scandals and allegations of foreign meddling Kseniya Kirillova writes that Trump will need a lot more than Superman imagery and false accusations to win

Nagorno-Karabakh Ceasefire: A Hasty Russian Holding Tactic?

, 21 October 2020
Kseniya Kirillova reports on how the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan shows Putin's weaknesses in the ‘Post Soviet’ space

The Death of a Journalist ‘Blame the Russian Federation’

, 6 October 2020
Kseniya Kirollova reports on the death of Irina Slavina, editor of the best known independent newspaper in the Volga region of Russia

Putin’s Gameplan in the Armenia-Azeri Conflict

, 2 October 2020
Kseniya Kirillova explains the Kremlin’s strategy as conflict mounts between Armenia and Azerbaijan

‘Digital prison’: Why It’s Unsafe for Western Companies to do Business with Russia

, 16 September 2020
Kseniya Kirillova speaks to a cybersecurity specialist about how Russia obtains sensitive information from Western companies

The Three Pillars That Govern Putin's Mindset

, 4 September 2020
As the Belarus crisis unfolds the actions of the Russian leader may seem irrational, but they are dictated by three unalienable principles, explains Kseniya Kirillova

Conspiracy and Paranoia: Lukashenko is Trying to Exploit the Fears of Moscow and the West

, 25 August 2020
The Belarusian dictator has hatched a complex, contradictory plan to stay in power, reports Kseniya Kirillova

Russia Will Use a Weakened Lukashenko to its Advantage

, 13 August 2020
Kseniya Kirillova explores why the widespread protests in Belarus following its rigged Presidential Election provide an opportunity for Vladimir Putin

Why does the Kremlin Need a New Ministry of Propaganda?

, 22 July 2020
After the revelation of the UK Parliament's Russia Report, Kseniya Kirillova reports on Putin's new disinformation operation to defend its existing ones

Patriotic Dissent will Take Down Trump

, 14 July 2020
Kseniya Kirillova explores how the most powerful threat to Donald Trump's re-election are critiques from moderate conservatives like the Lincoln Project

Did Trump Cover-Up a Russian Conspiracy with the Taliban to Kill US Troops?

, 2 July 2020
Kseniya Kirillova talks to intelligence experts about the likelihood the US President ignored evidence of GRU bounties paid to target troops in Afghanistan

EXCLUSIVE ‘Betrayal’ and Intrigue: A Russian Politician’s Life in Exile

, 24 June 2020
Kseniya Kirillova hears warnings from a dissident former Russian politician, whose father is a close friend of Vladimir Putin, of renewed attempts to subvert democracy.

How the Kremlin Tries to Play US Protests

, 11 June 2020
Kseniya Kirillova reports on how Putin's propaganda experts are trying to use Black Lives Matter to intervene abroad and bolster support at home

PROPAGANDA BACKFIRE: The Kremlin's Conspiracy Theories Undermine its Own Authority

, 2 June 2020
By supporting theories aimed at destabilising the US during the Coronavirus pandemic, Kseniya Kirillova reports on how Putin has opened up a Pandora's Box at home

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