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Katharine Quarmby

The Hidden Social Housing Scandal: Exposing the Conditions of Britain’s Gypsy and Traveller Sites

, 21 February 2023
'Gypsies and Travellers are forced to live in areas that no other ethnic group would be expected to live' – Katharine Quarmby reports

EXCLUSIVE The Silent Killer in Schools: Government Under Fire for Failing to Act on Lethal Asbestos

, 26 January 2023
An investigation by Byline Times has uncovered shocking new figures on the presence of the dangerous mineral in places of education

A New Review into Children’s Deaths by their Parents’ Partners Raises Questions About the Future of Social Care

, 27 May 2022
Does another review of more tragic deaths of vulnerable children provide the answers needed to protect children from harm, asks Katharine Quarmby

The Taliban Protection Racket

, 10 January 2022
As the Government launches a new Afghan Resettlement Scheme, desperate refugees expose the Taliban's violence and their fears for families left behind

EXCLUSIVE Influential Figures Dictating Children’s Social Care Policy Via Government ‘Back Door’

, 21 December 2021
Katharine Quarmby investigates how policy decisions around young people's safeguarding are made – and which ideologies appear to prevail

Another Death of an Abused Child – But Will the System Change?

, 6 December 2021
Fears mount in the children’s care sector that the death of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes may be used to force through changes to child protection, says Katharine Quarmby

Colonial Amnesia: The Forgotten Victims of Transportation

, 11 November 2021
Katharine Quarmby explores why Britain’s story of transportation – the biggest forced migration in its history – has largely been buried 

‘Some of them Wish they had Stayed and Been Killed’: Life for Afghan Refugees in the UK

, 8 November 2021
Katharine Quarmby meets some of the 8,000 Afghan nationals evacuated to the UK and hears of the chaos and confusion they have faced since arriving in Britain after the fall of Kabul

Public Service, Private Interests: What Is Behind The Government’s Care Review?

, 18 October 2021
Disposable, dispersible, profit-making – fears for the future of the children’s social care sector mount around the forthcoming Care Review

Industry and Uncertainty: Crises Loom Over Boris Johnson’s New ‘Red Wall’ Strongholds

, 15 October 2021
Katharine Quarmby reports on the potential economic and political repercussions of the second Winter of Discontent

Why Insulate Britain and XR are Failing to Win Over the Public

, 28 September 2021
Katharine Quarmby finds that eco-activists are divided about the best way forward to raise awareness of climate change

EXCLUSIVE ‘They Are Keeping Us Here to be Killed’: The Loyal Afghans Abandoned by Johnson’s Government

, 22 September 2021
Katharine Quarmby lays bare the gap between rhetoric and reality in the Government’s Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme

‘It Felt like a War Zone’: Ten Years On From Dale Farm

, 13 September 2021
Ahead of the 10 year anniversary of its clearance next month, Katharine Quarmby recounts the last days of Dale Farm, the eviction of the largest Traveller site in Europe, and considers its lasting legacy

Discrimination and Ethics: Gypsies and Travellers Should Be Able to Expect Fair Play from the Media

, 2 September 2021
Katharine Quarmby explores why members of the minority communities are so dismayed by an Ofcom ruling clearing a controversial Channel 4 Dispatches documentary about Traveller crime

A Culture of Institutional Violence: The Lambeth Child Abuse Inquiry Exposes how the System is the Scandal

, 28 July 2021
In the wake of the Lambeth Council findings by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, Katharine Quarmby considers why the systemic failings around locking vulnerable people up out of sight, out of mind are never acted upon

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