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Tom Mutch

War in Ukraine: ‘The Hardest Part is Leaving’

, 11 January 2023
Tom Mutch documents the ups and downs of the last 10 months of triumph and horror, and how Ukrainian resourcefulness brought hope out of despair

EXCLUSIVE How Russians Tormented One Occupied Ukrainian Village

, 23 November 2022
Tom Mutch talks to the survivors of Russian occupation in recently-liberated Novopetrovsk and discovers a reign of looting and terror followed by an orderly withdrawal

Surviving Six Months Under Bombs: Inside Ukraine’s Southern Fortress of Mykolaiv

, 2 September 2022
Tom Mutch reports from the frontline city of Mykolaiv, which avoided capture by the Russian Army and is now at the centre of a Ukrainian counter-offensive

EXCLUSIVE On the Frontline of Exposing the Truth About Russia and Brexit 

, 25 August 2022
Four years ago, Tom Mutch thought he had the ‘scoop of the century’ blowing open Russia’s involvement in Brexit. Now, after the UK has left the European Union and Putin wages genocidal war in Ukraine, he wonders whether we are any closer to knowing the truth 

EXCLUSIVE Why did Amnesty International Ignore My Warnings about their Ukraine Investigation?

, 8 August 2022
Tom Mutch reveals his time on the front line with Amnesty officials and the glaring oversights and errors in their recent much-criticised report

Beyond the Vulture Squad: from the Road of Death to the Road of Life

, 27 July 2022
Tom Mutch marks 150 days of Russia's onslaught on Ukraine and reflects on the different experiences of Ukrainians, as he travels from Kyiv to Kharkiv, and onto the apocalyptic Donbas front

100 Days of Tragedy and Triumph

, 3 June 2022
In the first instalment of two reports on Russia’s invasion, Tom Mutch describes the barbarity of Putin’s aggression, and the resilience of Ukraine and its people

EXCLUSIVE ‘War Is War But You Need to Carry on Living’: The Beginning of the Rebuilding of Ukraine

, 29 April 2022
A trip through the ruined towns around Kyiv is a story of resilience in the face of horror, finds Tom Mutch

‘Trapped in a Cocoon of my Own Grief’: Putin’s Promise of ‘Liberation’ Brings Terror to Donbas

, 4 April 2022
Tom Mutch reports on the plight of Ukrainian families that remain trapped in Russian-controlled enclaves

EXCLUSIVE 28 Days: 28 Pictures - Documenting the War in Ukraine

, 25 March 2022
Tom Mutch has spent the first month of Russia’s war against Ukraine depicting the lives of ordinary people facing Vladimir Putin's onslaught, and it is a portrait of both horror and hope

Ukraine Under Siege: ‘We’ve Been at War Here for Eight Years Already!’

, 18 February 2022
As Kremlin controlled media reports explosions in separatist-held regions of Ukraine, Tom Mutch reports from Mariupol, the port at the frontline of the country's conflict with Russia

‘The West Will Fight Russia. To the Last Drop of Ukrainian Blood!’

, 12 February 2022
Ukrainians across the country try to live life as normal while they prepare for war against Russia alone, reports Tom Mutch from Kyiv

Violence Continues: Inside the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

, 8 November 2021
Tom Mutch reports from Kabul as the Taliban face an insurgency from the Isis-inspired jihadi movement, ISIS-K

Beirut’s Ashes: One Year After the Port Explosion, Lebanon is On its Deathbed

, 18 August 2021
Tom Mutch reports from Beirut on the deteriorating living conditions for most Lebanese people and the fury towards its political class, following the explosion which rocked the country’s capital a year ago

The Murdered and the Martyred: Armenia’s Political And Spiritual Crisis

, 18 May 2021
Six months after losing the Nagorno-Karabakh war, Armenia is a nation in crisis. With the US recognition of the Genocide, Tom Mutch asks whether they can begin to heal

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