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The Daniel Morgan Murder

‘Met Police Response to its Institutional Corruption is a Form of Institutional Corruption’

, 22 July 2021
The chair of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel says the Metropolitan Police’s immediate denial of systemic issues of corruption in the force demonstrates the very problem its report into a 34-year-old unsolved murder highlighted

The Stockwell Six: A Half Century Struggle Against Systematic Police Corruption

, 7 July 2021
Duncan Campbell looks back over the lives ruined by just one corrupt police officer and what the case reveals about Britain's failing criminal justice system

The Daniel Morgan Report: Press Criminality? Nothing to See Here…

, 15 June 2021
Brian Cathcart explains why the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel report confirms law-breaking and wrongdoing by the press – and how, once again, this will be ignored by the mainstream media

The Daniel Morgan Report: From ‘Institutional Racism’ to ‘Institutional Corruption’: No ‘Hierarchy of Sickness’ in Met Police Failures, says Morgan Family

, 15 June 2021
Institutional corruption is wide-ranging, says Alastair Morgan, after the independent panel report into his brother’s 1987 murder is finally published

EXCLUSIVE The Daniel Morgan Murder: The Silencing of David Cook

, 15 June 2021
James Doleman interviews the man once described by the family of Daniel Morgan as the only Metropolitan Police detective they ever trusted

Sins of Omission and Commission: What Media Reactions to Look Out For When the Daniel Morgan Murder Report is Published

, 14 June 2021
Peter Jukes with a round-up of possible media strategies and news manipulation

EXCLUSIVE The Daniel Morgan Murder and Police Corruption: The Evolution of the ‘Firm within a Firm’

, 14 June 2021
From the Dirty Squad’s Soho days to Andy Coulson in the heart of government, Jake Arnott explains how bent coppers moved on from trading in porn and gold bullion, to information and kompromat

The Daniel Morgan Murder: Jacqui Hames ‘I Underestimated the Power of Corruption’

, 14 June 2021
Former detective and BBC Crimewatch presenter Jacqui Hames explains how she became entangled in a story of press, police corruption and politics when her then-husband started investigating the Daniel Morgan murder

‘What We’re Doing is Illegal’ – The Private Investigator, the Daily Express Editor and the Daniel Morgan Report

, 12 June 2021
Gary Jones once worked for the News of the World and the Daily Mirror. Today he edits the Daily Express. Will he figure in the report of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel, out next week? Brian Cathcart considers the evidence

Priti Patel’s Interference is Jeopardising the Future of Independent Panels

, 20 May 2021
David Hencke explains why the Home Secretary’s intervention in the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel report is so unprecedented and disturbing

Did Murdoch or the Met Delay the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel Report?

, 19 May 2021
Peter Jukes, co-author with Alastair Morgan of Who Killed Daniel Morgan and the Untold Murder podcast, gives his personal take on the unprecedented intervention of the Home Secretary in the publishing of a report into the unsolved 1987 crime

The Daniel Morgan Independent Panel and Press Misconduct: What Might the Government Be Trying to Hide?

, 19 May 2021
Astonishing corruption surrounds the infamous 1987 murder, and a lot of it connects to national newspapers. Brian Cathcart considers what the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel report might have to tell us

Is Priti Patel Intervening to Stop Report into Daniel Morgan Murder Finally Confirming Institutional Corruption in the Media and Police?

, 18 May 2021
Eight years after it was established, the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel is finally ready to release its findings into the unsolved 1987 murder of the private detective. So why has the Home Secretary now delayed its publication to ‘review’ its contents?

Daniel Morgan Independent Panel: ‘A Jigsaw with a Million Pieces’

, 9 October 2020
As the public inquiry draws to a close, Duncan Campbell reports on the testimony of former Detective Chief Superintendent Dave Cook who has been silenced for nearly nine years

UPDATE The Daniel Morgan Murder: Lead Detective Became a Scapegoat for Scotland Yard

, 29 June 2020
As the Channel 4 true-crime series finishes, Byline Times looks at the extraordinary five police investigations into the only Metropolitan Police officer the Morgan family ever trusted

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