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Duncan Campbell

‘I Saw Many Prisoners Led Away to be Hanged’: A Britain Pensioner Inside an Egyptian Prison

, 14 November 2022
As COP27 continues in Egypt, Duncan Campbell talks to Charles Ferndale, sentenced to death in Cairo in 2013

Police Corruption: A Half-Century Wait for Justice

, 23 November 2021
Duncan Campbell on another victim of a corrupt police sergeant who framed young black men in the 1970s

The Stockwell Six: A Half Century Struggle Against Systematic Police Corruption

, 7 July 2021
Duncan Campbell looks back over the lives ruined by just one corrupt police officer and what the case reveals about Britain's failing criminal justice system

Robert Maxwell and Modern Britain's Monstrous Gallery of Media Moguls

, 12 February 2021
Duncan Campbell remembers what it was like working for the late newspaper proprietor Robert Maxwell and considered whether he gets a fair hearing compared to the antics of his fellow press barons

Daniel Morgan Independent Panel: ‘A Jigsaw with a Million Pieces’

, 9 October 2020
As the public inquiry draws to a close, Duncan Campbell reports on the testimony of former Detective Chief Superintendent Dave Cook who has been silenced for nearly nine years

Hacked Encrypted Private Messaging Leads to Biggest Organised Crime Bust in Years

, 11 August 2020
Duncan Campbell reports on the haul of guns, drugs, and money by Operation Venetic, but also potential legal problems over the hacked data

The Coronavirus Crisis: Will Our COVID-19 Lockdown Make Us think More About Why We Imprison So Many People?

, 17 April 2020
Duncan Campbell discusses how the words 'lockdown' and 'stir-crazy" were an all too familiar reality for a section of our society long before the Coronavirus pandemic appeared.

'Labelled a Black Villain': Routine Racism and Injustice in Britain

, 24 March 2020
Crime reporter Duncan Campbell shares his thoughts on a republished memoir by Trevor Hercules on life before, in and after prison.

UK Drug Laws: An Addiction to Hypocrisy

, 27 November 2019
Crime reporter Duncan Campbell sets out what the various political parties are promising on drugs for the next Parliament – but puts the likelihood of reform at close to zero.

Brexit will be a Time to Celebrate for Organised Crime and those On the Run

, 21 October 2019
Duncan Campbell considers what the end of the UK's participation in the European Arrest Warrant will mean for people involved in organised crime being brought to justice.

From Professional Armed Robber to the 'Black Widow': The Story of Linda Calvey

, 27 August 2019
Crime writer Duncan Campbell explores the societal perception of women and illegality.

Violence, Drugs, Terror: A Day in Court with our Top Conservatives

, 19 August 2019
Crime writer Duncan Campbell takes his seat in the press bench for a most satisfying trio of cases.

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