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Stephen Komarnyckyj

EXCLUSIVE Government Targeted by Fraudsters and Counterfeiters During First COVID-19 Wave, Insider Claims

, 12 October 2020
HMRC is investigating cases of fraud by health equipment importers, a procurement insider suggests

How Trump is Working with Russian Intelligence

, 6 October 2020
Stephen Komarnyckj on reports US Intelligence services are suppressing evidence that the US President is still colluding with Putin's influence operations

Amazon Web Services Wins COVID-19 Contact Tracing Deal Despite Data Sharing Concerns

, 17 September 2020
Questions have been raised about whether Amazon could be required to share UK contact trace data with the US Government, reports Stephen Komarnyckyj

Is Belarus the New Ukraine? And What Will Putin Do?

, 12 August 2020
In the wake of a popular uprising against President Lukashenko, Steven Komarnyckyj looks at the important differences with the overthrow of Ukrainian President Yanukovych in 2014

UK Parliamentary Report into Russian Interference Understates Threat and Ducks Brexit

, 23 July 2020
Steve Komarnyckyj argues that the Russia Report has downplayed the evidence of Christopher Steele and ignored important leaks about the Kremlin's war in Ukraine

Another Strange Contract: The Loophole Allowing the Government to Avoid PPE Procurement Rules

, 9 July 2020
Stephen Komarnyckyj investigates the Brexit effect and how Britain bypassed normal calls for competition in its extraordinary purchasing binge

Secondary Infektion: How a Russian Operation Subverted British Politics

, 22 June 2020
Stephen Komarnyckyj reports on a Kremlin-friendly online operation that tried to sow division between the UK and its allies remained undetected for years

Dutch Intelligence Report Underestimates Extent of Russian Influence in the Netherlands

, 2 June 2020
Stephen Komarnyckyj reports on the Kremlin's effective disinformation campaign around the shooting down of Flight MH17 with the loss of nearly two hundred Dutch lives

A 'Rollout' for the US Elections: Ukraine Launches Court Case against Joe Biden

, 28 May 2020
Stephen Komarnyckyj debunks the claims made against the Democratic US Presidential Candidate with the release of a new tape

‘Digging a Grave’: Russian Ministry of Defence Threatens Journalist who Exposed Italian COVID-19 Intelligence Operation

, 3 April 2020
Officials target Jacopo Iacoboni of La Stampa over his revelations about Russian assistance to Italy, reports Stephen Komarnyckyj

Russian Security Hacking the 'Internet of Things'

, 2 April 2020
Stephen Komarnyckyj reports on documents revealed by Russian hackers that claim that their country's security service has commissioned a programme which exploits smart appliances.

Turkish Delight? Putin and Erdogan's Complicated Relationship

, 15 March 2020
After the Turkish and Russian Presidents met in Moscow to discuss the situation in Idlib, Stephen Komarnyckyj looks at the current relationship between the two countries.

Is Russia Working with Myanmar's Military to Incite Hatred of the Rohingya?

, 10 March 2020
Stephen Komarnyckyj reports on social media activity supporting the repression of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar.

Spies Who Go Into the Cold: How Russian Media Recruits Western Intelligence Officials

, 28 February 2020
As the former director of France's MI6 joins a Russian propaganda channel Stephen Komarnyckyj reports on a new phase of Putin's hybrid warfare.

Sanders Versus Trump: Why Russian Intervention Will be Worse in 2020

, 24 February 2020
With Donald Trump facing re-election in the US and the Labour leadership for up grabs in the UK, Stephen Komarnyckyj looks at how Vladimir Putin is trying to further disrupt politics in both countries.

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