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John Sweeney

EXCLUSIVE Lebedev: The KGB Spy Who Helped Put Putin in the Kremlin

, 15 March 2022
John Sweeney digs deeper into the past of Alexander Lebedev, whose connections to the Russian President and the British Prime Minister are a source of major public concern

Has the Prime Minister Been Compromised by Russia?

, 23 February 2022
John Sweeney delves into the ties between Boris Johnson and several Russian oligarchs

Arron Banks versus Carole Cadwalladr: the First Two Days

, 17 January 2022
John Sweeney gives his first impressions of the landmark libel case taking place in Court 13 of the Royal Courts of Justice

Boris Johnson and the Lebedevs: A Funny Peculiar Friendship

, 21 October 2021
John Sweeney assesses the relationship between the British Prime Minister and the newspaper baron Lord Lebedev, in the light of an Italian intelligence report about his father

EXCLUSIVE The House of Blair, Serbia’s Regime and the Mob

, 3 June 2021
John Sweeney reveals how the former Prime Minister is advising a Serbian regime he once bombed and his wife is representing them against the last independent TV channel

Sir David Barclay Obituary: Farewell to a ‘Stinking Mobster’

, 5 February 2021
From getting arrested in Sark to being sued in France, John Sweeney gives his personal account of his litigious past with the now-deceased newspaper proprietor

Alexey Navalny: The Man Who Won’t Die Nicely

, 19 January 2021
John Sweeney reflects on the bravery of the Russian opposition leader, poisoned by Putin, who has returned to face his tormentors

SWEENEY INVESTIGATES: What Changed to Make Evgeny Lebedev No Longer a Security Risk?

, 20 August 2020
John Sweeney investigates the Russian newspaper proprietor who parties with the Prime Minister and the change in security clearance that enabled his ennoblement

SWEENEY INVESTIGATES: From Russia With Leave – The Curious Case of John Whittingdale

, 24 July 2020
With the Labour Opposition calling for RT’s license to be revoked, John Sweeney investigates whether the Government minister responsible has a conflict of interest

SWEENEY INVESTIGATES: What Connects Robert Jenrick to the Gambino Crime Family and Putin's Oligarchs?

, 23 June 2020
John Sweeney investigates the Minister's ties, not only to Richard Desmond and his alleged run-in with the New York Mafia, but to a law firm that worked for Vladimir Putin’s favoured oligarchs

‘To the Rich and Powerful, he’s Charming and Funny. To me, he was Sick and Cruel’: The Two-Faced World of Public Relations

, 11 June 2020
John Sweeney reports on a new series of allegations against one of Britain’s best-known PR men

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