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Howard Goodall

Never To Forget: Remembering the Health Workers Who Gave Their Lives to Protect Us

, 7 July 2021
Howard Goodall explains the genesis of his NHS memorial choral work, and the effect of meeting relatives of those who died during the pandemic

Options for an English National Anthem: from Jerusalem to Blackadder

, 25 June 2021
Composer Howard Goodall explores why England does not have an anthem distinct from that of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at sporting events and assesses the leading candidates

Brexit’s Toll On Britain’s Creative Industries: The Sadness and Madness that Awaits

, 17 November 2020
Composer Howard Goodall sets out what performers will need to know in a post-Brexit world and reflects on the sorrow of the Government’s desire to erect barriers, when the job of creatives is to tear them down

Hymns to the Silence: Music and Solace in a Time of Crisis

, 15 April 2020
The composer Howard Goodall looks at how music has helped to express, escape and mourn previous traumas, and provides his own playlist to pass the pandemic.

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