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Gareth Roberts

‘Laws to Outlaw Strikes Could be this Government’s Most Democratically Illiberal and Economically Damaging Act’

, 14 December 2022
To diminish essential workers' right to withdraw their labour would be a dangerous precedent and remove an important check on government excess, writes Gareth Roberts

What Now for Scottish Independence? 

, 24 November 2022
Barrister Gareth Roberts sets out the options available to Nicola Sturgeon following the UK Supreme Court's decision that she cannot hold a second independence referendum without Westminster's approval

How Will Labour Navigate the Crisis-Hit Britain it Could Inherit?

, 30 September 2022
Opinion polls are looking good for Labour – but in victory Keir Starmer would inherit the greatest challenges ever faced by an incoming prime minister, writes Gareth Roberts

Is Johnson’s Plan for the House of Lords the Greatest Attack on British Democracy? 

, 1 August 2022
Britain's parliamentary democracy cannot allow one-party dominance in the way the Prime Minister intends for the upper chamber, says barrister Gareth Roberts

From Rwanda to Northern Ireland: The Failures of the Government Legal Department

, 13 June 2022
Barrister Gareth Roberts assesses the breakdown in respect for the rule of law within Downing Street

‘Partygate’ is a Profound Crisis Endangering the Rule of Law in Britain

, 26 May 2022
The bigger story of the scandal of Downing Street lockdown parties is how fundamentally they strike at the foundations of our democracy, says barrister Gareth Roberts

Why Porn in the House of Commons Is No Laughing Matter

, 29 April 2022
Barrister Gareth Roberts explains why an addiction to pornography should be taken as seriously as those dangerously reliant on alcohol or drugs

The Economic Crime Bill Doesn’t Nearly Go Far Enough

, 2 March 2022
If the Government really want to seize the assets of Russian oligarchs, the Economic Crime Bill doesn’t go far enough, says Gareth Roberts

The Gray Report: Misleading Parliament and Misconduct in Public Office

, 26 January 2022
Lawyer Gareth Roberts looks beyond the breaking of lockdown rules to the wider implications and legal standing of the much anticipated Cabinet Office report

Dominic Raab’s ‘Operation Red Meat’ Justice Plans Will Backfire

, 19 January 2022
Increasing the powers of magistrates will only put more pressure on the already strained crown court, says Gareth Roberts

The Colston Four: It is the Attorney General Who Seeks to Set a ‘Dangerous Precedent’

, 10 January 2022
The four defendants were found not guilty of criminal damage for removing the statue of the slave trader in Bristol – the rule of law in Britain will be significantly eroded, says Gareth Roberts

Will the Liberal Democrats Lurch Towards Libertarianism?

, 17 December 2021
The North Shropshire by-election result has ended nearly 200 years of Conservative domination in the once safe Tory seat – but it now raises the question of what the Liberal Democrats stand for, says Gareth Roberts

Boris Johnson is Build, Build, Building No Hope in Wales

, 2 July 2020
The Prime Minister has made a miscalculation in his plans for an economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis which is entirely focused on England, writes Gareth Roberts

Football’s Back: But When Will it Address its Own Deadly Health Secret?

, 17 June 2020
As the Premier League restarts after its suspension due to the Coronavirus, Gareth Roberts looks at a hidden epidemic in Soccer — dementia and other signs of neurological damage

The Ugly Reality of Domestic Violence Cases

, 4 March 2020

Boris Johnson Must Keep His Hands Off Our Judges

, 12 February 2020

The Battle To Save Democracy Has To Start Now

, 23 January 2020

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