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Professor Chris Painter

Starmer's Labour Must be Radical to Save us from a Thatcher Reboot

, 25 August 2022
The Labour leader needs to convince a weary public that he has the bold ideas to divert the UK from its damaging path under the Conservatives, argues Chris Painter

Boris Johnson: Nowhere Man

, 8 June 2022
With the Prime Minister at last having faced a moment of reckoning, Professor Chris Painter surveys the wreckage of a Government devoid of meaningful purpose on the key public policy issues of the day

Ukraine Changes Everything: The Collapse of Boris Johnson’s Brexit World Order

, 29 March 2022
Professor Chris Painter sees Putin’s invasion of his neighbour as a major turning point in history, with the values of multilateralism and an activist state set to break the spell of Johnsonian politics

A Johnson Regicide: Another Great Political Escape?

, 17 January 2022
Professor Chris Painter evaluates the prospects of the Conservative Party should Boris Johnson’s latest crisis of leadership prove terminal

Johnson, Starmer and the Tectonic Plates of British Politics

, 14 October 2021
Professor Chris Painter explores the strategic electoral dilemmas which Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer respectively face, as normal political engagement resumes

Johnsonian Policy: The Lord of Misrule

, 5 August 2021
Professor Chris Painter looks at the Government's unprecedented and unilaterist policy-making and the dire implications for the quality of UK governance

A State No Longer Fit For Purpose

, 27 May 2021
Professor Chris Painter argues that the British state, long creaking, has been put under intolerable pressure by Boris Johnson’s Premiership

Another Country: From Cool Britannia to Nationalist Hubris

, 3 March 2021
Professor Chris Painter wonders how Britain has turned into such a radically different country in the space of a decade

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