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Sam Bright and Sascha Lavin

Transparency Request Suggests Chris Pincher Not Vetted by Government Ethics Team

, 8 August 2022
A freedom of information request submitted by the Byline Intelligence Team suggests that the Cabinet Office unit did not scrutinise the former deputy chief whip’s appointment, contrary to previous reports

EXCLUSIVE Constant COVID Presence in Cabinet Office During Party Periods

, 27 May 2022
Sam Bright and Sascha Lavin reveal data showing the extent of COVID absences during Downing Street’s lockdown-breaking gatherings

The Great Escape: How a City Exodus is Creating New Housing Crises in Satellite Towns

, 19 May 2022
Sam Bright and Sascha Lavin explore how the ‘Zoomtowns’ phenomenon is putting a burden on local property markets

EXCLUSIVE Private Schools Attended by Cabinet Ministers Increase Assets by £300 Million in Six Years

, 12 April 2022
Sam Bright and Sascha Lavin report on the burgeoning wealth of Britain’s elite, fee-paying institutions, and the character of the politicians they have created

How Johnson’s Government is Using Oligarchs in its Attempt to Rebuild the ‘Red Wall’

, 6 April 2022
Sam Bright and Sascha Lavin explore how the Government is inviting questionable regimes into Britain’s former industrial heartlands

EXCLUSIVE Official Documents Show Government is Falling into Another Russia Trap – With Saudi Arabia

, 4 April 2022
The Byline Intelligence Team has obtained internal official briefing notes showing how the Government is making overtures to Saudi Arabia on multiple fronts

The Empathy Deficit: How the Government Has Marginalised and Demonised Asylum Seekers

, 2 December 2021
Sam Bright and Sascha Lavin consider how successive administrations have tried to stop the nation from seeing asylum seekers as humans

EXCLUSIVE 20% Increase in Child Poverty in Constituencies Represented by MPs Who Have Earned £6 Million

, 17 November 2021
Sam Bright and Sascha Lavin reveal the rising levels of deprivation seen in the areas represented by the highest-earning MPs

EXCLUSIVE How the Red Wall Has Been Levelled Down Since 2010

, 27 October 2021
From child poverty to social care, some of the most disadvantaged areas of the country have faced a decade of decline at the hands of successive Conservative governments, report Sam Bright and Sascha Lavin

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