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Sarah Hurst

Putin and Punishment: Gulag Historian Suffers Stalinist Sanctions

, 30 September 2020
A Russian historian devoted to exposing the horrors of Stalinism has just been handed an unexpected new jail sentence, reports Sarah Hurst

Irish Independent Politicians Excuse Kremlin Crimes and Oppose Belarus Sanctions

, 11 September 2020
Sarah Hurst reports on two Irish MEPs who regularly appear on Russian sponsored media to defend Putin's imperialist policies

London a Prime Focus of Poisoned Russian Opposition Leader’s Campaigns

, 25 August 2020
Sarah Hurst looks at the work of Alexei Navalny, now in a coma in a Berlin hospital, and how it connects with the UK

Belarus Citizens Go into Battle – How Long Can Resistance Last?

, 10 August 2020
As 'Europe's Last Dictator' Alexander Lukashenko claims victory in the Presidential election, Sarah Hurst reports on clashes with riot police and the future of popular protest

Showdown: Belarusian Analysts Predict Bloodshed on Election Day

, 6 August 2020
Sarah Hurst analyses the signs that the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko is panicking in the face of public opposition

Kompromised: How Britain's Political Parties Responded to the Russia Report

, 3 August 2020
Sarah Hurst reports on how every major party, with the exception of Boris Johnson's Conservatives, has changed their stance on Kremlin intervention

The Women Risking Everything to Oppose Belarus’ Dictator Lukashenko

, 27 July 2020
Sarah Hurst reports on the opposition provided by women candidates in the forthcoming presidential elections and the threats they face from Europe's 'last dictator'

Like Father Like Son: Putin's Clamp Down on Truth-Tellers Continues

, 8 July 2020
Sarah Hurst reports on another worrying arrest of a journalist as the Russian state becomes increasingly autocratic and the President secures an extension of his power

Putin Sets his Sights on Pussy Riot Activist Ahead of Vote on 2036 Power Grab

, 22 June 2020
Sarah Hurst reports on the targeting of Petr Verzilov and how the President is pulling out all the stops to ensure a 1 July vote on sweeping changes to the Russian Constitution goes in his favour

Defending the Kremlin and British Business Ties with Russia

, 3 June 2020
Sarah Hurst talks to the British businessman Roger Munnings about his business interests with Russian companies and his vocal support for Vladimir Putin

Putin's Critics Raided at Home During the COVID-19 Lockdown

, 19 May 2020
Sarah Hurst reports on how the Kremlin, while facing mounting criticism for its handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, has been using quarantine to track down its foes.

Three Russian Doctors Treating Coronavirus Patients Fall from Windows

, 4 May 2020
@Life_Disrupted reports on two senior medical staff fatalities and one critically injured while complaints about Vladimir Putin's handling of the COVID-19 crisis mount.

UK Academics Get Hefty Grant to 'Reframe Russia'

, 14 April 2020
Sarah Hurst reports on a new British group which criticises pro-European projects and draws the praise of Russian state media.

EXCLUSIVE ‘Rape of Britain’: Russia Rolls Out the Red Carpet for 'Tommy Robinson'

, 23 February 2020
Sarah Hurst on how the far-right activist visited Russia to praise Vladimir Putin and spread Islamophobic and racist propaganda about the UK.

Russia Takes Another Fascist Turn

, 3 February 2020
As Vladimir Putin moves to secure his political future, Sarah Hurst reports on the country's new political party.

Putin's State Covers Up Deadly Mine Disaster

, 25 October 2019

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