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Monica Piccinini

COVID in Brazil Fanned by Mutant Strains and a Mutant Government

, 28 April 2021
Monica Piccinini reports on the increasing infection and death rates in Brazil from new Coronavirus variants and the lack of Government action

‘Brazil is a Threat to Humanity’: Bolsonaro's Coronavirus Lockdown Sceptics

, 18 March 2021
Monica Piccinini reports on how Covid denialism of the populist Brazilian government is fuelling a Coronavirus catastrophe for the whole of Latin America

EXCLUSIVE ‘Brazil Will Pay High Price For Its Inequality’, says Bolsonaro’s Former Health Minister

, 24 February 2021
Brazil’s Coronavirus crisis has exposed the weaknesses of a populist authoritarian Government, reports Monica Piccinini

Lungs of the World Desperate for Oxygen: The Epicentre of Brazil’s COVID-19 Pandemic

, 22 January 2021
Monica Piccinini speaks to those on the ground in the Brazilian state where health workers are battling against a horrendous surge in Coronavirus cases

Will his Own COVID Conspiracies and Broken Promises Cost Jair Bolsonaro his Presidency?

, 17 January 2021
Monica Piccinini looks at how the Brazilian electorate has been let down by their populist authoritarian leader

Brazil’s Dangerous Use of Pesticides is a Danger to the Whole World

, 10 December 2020
Brazilians are facing severe health problems from using pesticides in farming and it is an issue that goes far beyond the country's borders reports Monica Piccinini

Brazil Welcomes Chinese Investment Regardless of the Consequences

, 19 November 2020
Monica Piccinini charts the rise of Chinese investment in Brazil and how important it is becoming for the economy and the Brazilian Government

The Other Global Health Crisis: Highly Hazardous Pesticides and Brexit Britain

, 6 November 2020
Monica Piccininii reports on attempts to ban the export of dangerous chemicals, subverted by agrichemical businesses in the US and UK

Staggering Hypocrisy: The Institutions Financing Destruction of the Amazon While Promoting ‘Green Credentials’

, 16 October 2020
Monica Piccinini reveals the hypocrisy of the financial institutions that are enabling the destruction of the Amazon rainforest

Greed and Destruction: COVID-19 Isn’t Slowing the Demolition of the Amazon

, 21 August 2020
Monica Piccinini reports on the relentless felling of forest habitats by Brazilian big business and Government

Remote Tribes and Indigenous Communities Face Genocide In Brazil

, 2 July 2020
Monica Piccinini investigates the impact of COVID-19 and President Bolsonaro's policies on the indigenous peoples of Brazil

The Coronavirus Crisis: Corruption, Negligence and Harassment in Brazil

, 10 June 2020
Monica Piccinini considers how the Brazilian Government is trying to turn the Coronavirus pandemic to its advantage

The Coronavirus Crisis: Brazilian President Dismisses COVID-19 as ‘Sniffles’ – But it Might Be Terminal For Him

, 4 May 2020
Monica Piccinini reports on Jair Bolosnaro's approach to COVID-19 and the likely impact on him and his people.

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