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Jon Robins

‘I Got More Justice from Mugabe than I Ever Got from Britain’

, 13 March 2020
Jon Robins explores the case of Clive Freeman, who was jailed in 1989 for murder but has always protested his innocence and is now mounting a fourth attempt for his guilty verdict to be reconsidered.

Celebrate the Success of the 'Oval Four' – But Don't Forget the Many Others Trapped in a Broken System

, 6 December 2019
The overturning of the convictions of the 'Oval Four' by the Court of Appeal shows our under-funded and chaotic criminal justice system working. Unfortunately this is an exception not the rule

THE JUSTICE TRAP: Why the Miscarriages of Justice Watchdog is in Crisis

, 5 September 2019
Jon Robins on the case of Oliver Campbell and what it reveals about our creaking criminal justice system.

THE JUSTICE TRAP: The Carl Beech Case Reveals the Potential for Injustice with Historical Allegations of Abuse

, 1 August 2019
Jon Robins on what the imprisonment of the fantasist known as 'Nick' shows about how false allegations can ruin lives.

THE JUSTICE TRAP: How the Cash-Strapped Miscarriages of Justice Watchdog is No Longer Independent or Doing Its Job

, 24 July 2019
Jon Robins explores the state of the Criminal Cases Review Commission and the dwindling number of potential miscarriages of justice being referred to the Court of Appeal.

THE JUSTICE TRAP: A Miscarriage of Justice is a Lifelong Sentence

, 11 July 2019
The injustice of how our justice system deals with its own errors was a key theme at the launch of Proof magazine this week.

AUSTERITY JUSTICE: On the Edge of Homelessness with No Legal Aid

, 2 July 2019
Jon Robins spends a day at a court in east London where a number of tenants about to be evicted – who should be provided with legal aid – are relying on a duty lawyer.

THE JUSTICE TRAP: The Non-Disclosure Crisis is Not New and Not About Cash-Strapped Police

, 27 June 2019
Jon Robins on why the failure of key evidence to be disclosed in criminal trials in recent years has long been an issue leading to miscarriages of justice.

AUSTERITY JUSTICE: No Lawyers, No Advice – the 'Legal Aid Desert' Created by Cuts

, 12 June 2019
Chris Grayling's 2013 cuts slashed the legal aid budget by a third – £751 million. Jon Robins examines the toll this is taking on people's everyday lives.

AUSTERITY JUSTICE: 'The Death of an Idea' – How Legal Aid Cuts are Causing Systematic Poverty

, 7 June 2019
Jon Robins sets out how the erosion of 'access to justice' for huge swathes of social welfare law is having a very real impact on poverty in the UK

THE JUSTICE TRAP: 'Our courts will bend over backwards to uphold a conviction which is obviously unsafe'

, 14 May 2019
Jon Robins explores why Tony Stock has spent more than 40 years fighting to clear his name for an armed robbery a supergrass admits he had nothing to do with.

THE JUSTICE TRAP: 'No Hope' of Justice for Eddie Gilfoyle after 18 Years in Prison for his Wife's Hanging

, 29 April 2019
The Criminal Cases Review Commission provides no effective safety net for victims of a miscarriage of justice – Eddie Gilfoyle is a striking example.

THE JUSTICE TRAP: Was a Police Officer Sacked and Jailed for a Violent Assault actually the Victim of a Cover-Up?

, 18 April 2019
PC Danny Major spent four months in prison for a crime he says he didn't commit. Faced with an unhelpful and inactive miscarriages of justice watchdog, he is still fighting to clear his name.

The Justice Trap: Sacrificed to the System

, 10 April 2019
Jon Robins on how even the intervention of an Appeal Court Judge has failed to help a family caught up in child sexual abuse conviction

The Justice Trap: Joint Enterprise

, 22 March 2019

The Justice Trap: Murder by Numbers

, 13 March 2019

The Justice Trap: It Could Be You

, 1 March 2019

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