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Chris Grey

‘Lady Chatterley’s Brexit’

, 15 November 2022
Not accepting or being able to discuss the damage caused by Britain's exit from the EU leaves the country in a unsustainable position, writes Chris Grey

Beware the Charter Cities Conspiracy Theory

, 15 August 2022
Chris Grey explores the various claims around Freeports and Charter Cities – and whether they are an extreme manifestation of a libertarian Brexit

Just Imagine if the EU was Behaving as the UK Is

, 16 May 2022
Chris Grey poses a thought experiment around the Government's plans to scrap part of the Northern Ireland Protocol

Post-Brexit Britain: A Rotting, Corrupted State

, 19 April 2022
Chris Grey explores why the UK’s departure from the EU cannot be separated from other challenging political and public developments in Britain today

‘Fundamentally Meaningless’ - The Government's Brexit Benefits Paper

, 1 February 2022
Chris Grey looks at the untruths, half truths and vague aspirations of the 102 page report on the benefits of leaving the EU, and discovers a ministerial power grab and a glaring failure to account for any of the costs

Out Of Control Brexit Britain Can Still Be Steered Clear of Chaos

, 23 November 2021
Jacob Rees-Mogg at a Brexit rally. Photo: PA Images

Subverting the ‘Will of the People’: How Brexit Sowed the Wind

, 2 August 2021
Chris Grey explores the forces unleashed by Brexit and how they reveal the weaknesses of Britain’s unwritten Constitution – vulnerable in its reliance on norms and conventions to deliver representative democracy

Measuring the Cost: Brexit Six Months On

, 9 June 2021
The end of the transition period was merely a staging post within a process that will be long with us, says Chris Grey

The Reckoning: Brexit and the Legacy of Lies

, 25 January 2021
Chris Grey explains how Britain is only at the beginning of counting the mounting costs of leaving the EU

Will the End of the Queen’s Reign be Britain’s Deepest Crisis Of All?

, 10 November 2020
Chris Grey considers the potential impact on the fabric of the UK of the passing of its head of state, Queen Elizabeth II

The Transatlantic Storm: How a US Trade Deal Will Batter Britain

, 24 August 2020
Whether Biden or Trump wins the coming election, the logic of a trade deal will be another Brexit blow, argues Chris Grey

Paradox of Victimhood: No Form of Brexit Will Ever Satisfy Brexit Ultras

, 13 August 2020
Chris Grey explores the political psychology behind the increasingly extreme demands made around Brexit that satisfy one primary desire: not for sovereignty but of the constant need to feel robbed

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