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Anthony Barnett

‘Queen Elizabeth II: Symbolically Potent, Politically Powerless’

, 9 September 2022
Anthony Barnett reflects on the passing of the ‘New Elizabethan Age’ and how sovereignty and monarchy have moved apart

The Shock of the Fatwa – What it was Like Back Then

, 18 August 2022
Anthony Barnett remembers the political and social circumstances around the response to Salman Rushdie's 'The Satanic Verses'

Rescuing Democracy: Lessons from American Progressives

, 14 July 2022
As British politics continue to implode, Anthony Barnett explains how the US is also facing the threat of modern fascism, and the lessons we can learn from their new alliances

Brexit was a Victory for British Putinism – Why were those who Got It Right Vilified?

, 7 March 2022
Anthony Barnett details what he has learnt from the work of journalists such as Carole Cadwalladr and Byline Times' co-founder and executive editor Peter Jukes about the threat to British democracy hiding in plain sight

Ending the Corruption of the Great British State

, 22 June 2021
Anthony Barnett traces the cause of the Brexit vote, how it led to our elected dictatorship being replaced with even darker forces, and considers a possible path ahead

The People’s Democracy of Johnsonia

, 17 June 2021
Anthony Barnett had a dream about the future of Britain...

Words Pop Out of his Mouth: The Corrupt Nature of David Cameron

, 16 April 2021
In light of the former Prime Minister’s involvement in the Greensill affair, here is chapter eight of Anthony Barnett’s 2017 book ‘The Lure of Greatness: England’s Brexit and America’s Trump’

The Storming of the Capitol - Part Three: From 9/11 to Insurrection

, 26 March 2021
In the third part of his analysis of the forces leading up to the violence on the 6 January, Anthony Barnett traces the dual revolutions on the right, and now on the left

The Storming of the Capitol – Part Two: The Finale of the Sixties

, 13 January 2021
A crucial historical explanation for the imaginative rage of Donald Trump’s militant army lies in the Vietnam War generation, argues Anthony Barnett

The Storming of the Capitol – Part One: Trump’s Red Guards

, 11 January 2021
In the first part of a series of analyses, Anthony Barnett looks at how the Chinese Communist Party is weaponising the Washington insurrection to defend its suppression of Hong Kong

For the Love of Trump

, 4 November 2020
With the election results showing a higher than expected degree of support for the President, Anthony Barnett explores his appeal to American hearts and the split in the US psyche

EXCLUSIVE COVID-19 and the End of Economic Fatalism

, 9 October 2020
In the global response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Anthony Barnett sees an epoch-defining moment as governments are forced to put people’s health and wellbeing before market fundamentalism

A Royal Reality Check: How the Prorogation Crisis has Revealed the Queen as the Hollow Heart of the British Constitution

, 18 September 2019
The greatest distinction of the Queen's realm – that she has always been ‘above’ politics – has led to her historic humiliation and Anthony Barnett to ask: what's the point of her?

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