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Anthony Barnett

Brexit was a Victory for British Putinism – Why were those who Got It Right Vilified?

, 7 March 2022
Anthony Barnett details what he has learnt from the work of journalists such as Carole Cadwalladr and Byline Times' co-founder and executive editor Peter Jukes about the threat to British democracy hiding in plain sight

Ending the Corruption of the Great British State

, 22 June 2021
Anthony Barnett traces the cause of the Brexit vote, how it led to our elected dictatorship being replaced with even darker forces, and considers a possible path ahead

The People’s Democracy of Johnsonia

, 17 June 2021
Anthony Barnett had a dream about the future of Britain...

Words Pop Out of his Mouth: The Corrupt Nature of David Cameron

, 16 April 2021
In light of the former Prime Minister’s involvement in the Greensill affair, here is chapter eight of Anthony Barnett’s 2017 book ‘The Lure of Greatness: England’s Brexit and America’s Trump’

The Storming of the Capitol - Part Three: From 9/11 to Insurrection

, 26 March 2021
In the third part of his analysis of the forces leading up to the violence on the 6 January, Anthony Barnett traces the dual revolutions on the right, and now on the left

The Storming of the Capitol – Part Two: The Finale of the Sixties

, 13 January 2021
A crucial historical explanation for the imaginative rage of Donald Trump’s militant army lies in the Vietnam War generation, argues Anthony Barnett

The Storming of the Capitol – Part One: Trump’s Red Guards

, 11 January 2021
In the first part of a series of analyses, Anthony Barnett looks at how the Chinese Communist Party is weaponising the Washington insurrection to defend its suppression of Hong Kong

For the Love of Trump

, 4 November 2020
With the election results showing a higher than expected degree of support for the President, Anthony Barnett explores his appeal to American hearts and the split in the US psyche

EXCLUSIVE COVID-19 and the End of Economic Fatalism

, 9 October 2020
In the global response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Anthony Barnett sees an epoch-defining moment as governments are forced to put people’s health and wellbeing before market fundamentalism

A Royal Reality Check: How the Prorogation Crisis has Revealed the Queen as the Hollow Heart of the British Constitution

, 18 September 2019
The greatest distinction of the Queen's realm – that she has always been ‘above’ politics – has led to her historic humiliation and Anthony Barnett to ask: what's the point of her?

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