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Tommy Walker

The Massacre of Bucha: Overcoming the Trauma of Russian Occupation

, 3 May 2022
After hundreds were murdered in their town, Ukrainian residents are turning to anti-depressants, alcohol, religion and ultimately to community to process the horror of what happened

Out of the Ruins: Devastated By Russia’s War, Irpin Begins to Rebuild

, 19 April 2022
Though hundreds were killed there, Tommy Walker reports how Ukrainian volunteers and residents are already trying to repair the Kyiv suburb and make sense of what happened

Myanmar Military’s Crackdown Continues - But Experts Predict the Resistance Will Mount

, 6 April 2021
Two months since the coup began, thousands have been detained and at least 550 have been killed – including more than 40 children – reports Tommy Walker

EXCLUSIVE Detained Myanmar MP Warns of Uprising As Experts Weigh In on Coup

, 4 February 2021
Tommy Walker speaks to a detained politician anticipating a backlash against the Myanmar military’s actions

EXCLUSIVE ‘The Darkest Time Is To Come’: Veteran Activist Sees Bleak Future Ahead for Hong Kong

, 4 January 2021
In an exclusive interview with Byline Times, Lee-Cheuk Yan discusses comparisons between the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989 and recent pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, and its future under Beijing’s National Security Law

Hong Kong Activists Face Jail As Pro-Democracy Movement Fades

, 24 November 2020
Today, activists for democracy in the former British colony find themselves with no protests, no opposition law-makers and, soon, without their influential leaders

How Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Movement is Changing

, 18 September 2020
Tommy Walker reports on the more nuanced methods of resistance democrats are adopting in the face of repressive new laws

For Fear of Punishment: Beijing’s Political Weapon of Silence in Hong Kong

, 25 August 2020
China's strategy for the former British colony is unique – to encourage self-censorship through fear. Tommy Walker reports from Hong Kong

A British Route to Freedom for the Hong Kongers Left Frozen by Beijing's Chill

, 21 July 2020
Tommy Walker speaks to pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong about their future in the city, following the imposition of China's draconian national security law

The Last Protests? Has Beijing Finally Stifled the Flame of Freedom in Hong Kong?

, 3 July 2020
Tommy Walker reports with eyewitness accounts of this week's demonstrations in the former British colony and explores what Boris Johnson's offer of refuge means to the residents of Hong Kong

BREAKING 'The End of Hong Kong': Beijing Set to Impose Controversial New 'Anti-Sedition' Law

, 22 May 2020
Tommy Walker reports on the reactions from the democratic opposition to a new law that breaks the 'one country, two systems' consensus.

Hong Kong Heats Up Again as COVID-19 Crisis Takes a Back Seat

, 21 May 2020
Tommy Walker reports from Hong Kong about why the fight for democracy rather than the battle against the Coronavirus is headline news in the former British colony.

EXCLUSIVE US Correspondent Covering Democracy Protests Denied Entry into Hong Kong

, 7 February 2020
Tommy Walker reports how the author and former Green Beret Michael Yon was stopped by immigration after his coverage of civil unrest in the city.

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