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Sophia Alexandra Hall

‘Climate Crisis Isn’t a Separate Issue – It Will Affect Everything’: How a Lack of Education is Risking Our Planet’s Future

, 27 April 2022
From classrooms to the corridors of Government, campaigners believe that a lack of climate education is failing our Earth, reports Sophia Alexandra Hall

A Forgotten Crisis: Adults who have been in Care Struggling with Poor Health and High Mortality

, 18 November 2021
Research has shown that children who grow up in care and endure adverse childhood experiences could be more vulnerable to long-term health issues such as auto-immune diseases

The Real Culture Divides Being Masked by the Government’s ‘Culture War’

, 21 September 2021
Nadine Dorries’ appointment as Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary is said to be turbo-charging the culture war – but a new report has found the real issue facing the cultural sector is structural inequality not ‘wokery’

Age Of Discrimination: Law Change Will Mean Children in Care Expected to Live Independently At Just 16

, 9 September 2021
Children in care over the age of 16 will not be guaranteed care and may be moved into independent or semi-independent housing, reports Sophia Alexandra Hall

The Child Asylum Seekers Accused of Faking their Ages by the Home Office

, 20 August 2021
The Government has committed to resettling 5,000 Afghan refugees this year – but will they be met with the same culture of disbelief that has led to children seeking asylum struggling to get help?

The Pandemic Middle Class: The Unequal Impact of Test and Trace

, 22 July 2021
As people turn off the ‘Test and Trace’ app to avoid being told to self-isolate, Sophia Alexandra Hall investigates the class implications of the ‘pingdemic’

Nadia Whittome's Decision to Take Time Off Work for PTSD Welcomed Despite Right-Wing Press Backlash

, 1 June 2021
The UK's youngest MP has spoken out about her struggles with mental illness – opening up a much-needed discussion on PTSD and its impact, Sophia Alexandra Hall reports

Care Leavers Facing ‘Vile’ Assessments in Postcode Lottery when Becoming Mothers

, 21 April 2021
Why are formerly looked-after children having to undergo ‘pre-birth assessments’ when becoming parents themselves?

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