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Sascha Lavin and Sian Norris

EXCLUSIVE Byline Times’ New Findings Reveal ‘Epidemic of Sexual Abuse in Hospital Settings’

, 5 January 2023
New data from the Metropolitan Police shows the scale of sexual violence in London's hospitals

EXCLUSIVE NHS Must ‘Urgently Investigate’ Byline Times’ ‘Disturbing’ Figures on Rape and Sex Assault in Hospitals, Says Shadow Health Secretary

, 28 November 2022
Sascha Lavin and Sian Norris expose the frighteningly high levels of sexual violence in spaces designed for safety and care – hospitals

EXCLUSIVE US Christian Right Groups Spent $20 Million in Africa Since 2015

, 8 November 2022
A two-month investigation today exposes how US Christian Right groups are spending millions of dollars in Africa, at a time of heightened anti-LGBTIQ feeling in the region. Sascha Lavin and Sian Norris report

EXCLUSIVE US Christian Right Spend $75 Million Globally on Anti-Abortion and Anti-LGBTIQ Activism Since 2015

, 8 November 2022
In a two-month investigation, Sascha Lavin and Sian Norris tracked the spend of leading US Christian Right organisations in Europe, Russia and Africa

EXCLUSIVE Hundreds of Ukrainian Refugees Left without Welfare Checks

, 19 October 2022
The second part of the Byline Intelligence Team's exclusive investigation raises serious safeguarding concerns about the Homes for Ukraine scheme. Sascha Lavin and Sian Norris report

EXCLUSIVE Homes for Ukraine Sponsor Relationship Breakdowns Put Vulnerable Refugees at Risk

, 17 October 2022
An exclusive, three-month investigation by the Byline Intelligence Team reveals the extent of relationship breakdowns in the Homes for Ukraine scheme that has left refugees at risk of exploitation and homelessness, and local councils stretched

How the Tabloid Press Misleads on Migration

, 17 August 2022
The Byline Intelligence Team take a look at how media reporting on immigration and asylum can spread misinformation about the weaponised issue

Government Can’t Say How Many ‘Serious Criminals’ Contributing to ‘Alarming Rise’ of Modern Slavery System Abuse

, 16 August 2022
An investigation by the Byline Intelligence Team raises questions about the Home Secretary's claims that criminals are 'clogging up' the system to support victims of modern slavery

Debunking Asylum Disinformation: The Mail on Sunday and Albanian Migrants

, 9 August 2022
The Byline Intelligence Team dig behind the shocking stats to find the truth about who is crossing the Channel and why. Sascha Lavin and Sian Norris report

Three Years of Patel's Home Office Has Shifted Politics to the Right

, 12 July 2022
The Home Secretary is not running for leader, but her hard-line policies on immigration and policing are being cheered on by the current candidates, Sascha Lavin and Sian Norris report

EXCLUSIVE IWD: Thousands of NHS Staff Harassed by Patients

, 8 March 2022
Exclusive data collated by the Byline Intelligence Team shows that NHS staff are routinely sexually harassed by patients – with reports of inappropriate touching, assault and indecent exposure

EXCLUSIVE IWD: Victims of Sexual Exploitation Referred to Immigration Enforcement

, 8 March 2022
This International Women's Day, the Byline Intelligence Team reveal the number of women and girls victimised by sexual exploitation being reported to the Home Office, instead of for help

‘A Life-Threatening Situation’: How Prison Fails Mothers and Children

, 19 January 2022
Three years after a parliamentary committee recommended the Ministry of Justice records how many mothers are in prison, the National Audit Office criticises lack of progress on supporting female offenders, including lack of data collection on women with dependant children

Jobs for the Boys: Women MPs Earn Less Than Half as Male Colleagues from Second Jobs

, 26 November 2021
Analysis from the Byline Intelligence Team reveals a large gender pay gap when it comes to secondary incomes in Parliament

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