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Murray Jones

From Mercenaries to Trade Envoys: What is Britain’s Modern Military Role?

, 14 June 2022
Pursuing its goal as ‘Global Britain’, the UK uses its military as imprecise weapon of influence, attracting human rights abusers the world over to furnish their reputations, explains Murray Jones

EXCLUSIVE Tolerating Intolerance: UK Military Failing its LGBTQ Personnel

, 26 April 2022
Murray Jones reports on the Government’s failure to offer information on its acquiescence to the repressive rules of foreign militaries

Government Approves Export of Tear Gas to a Third of the World

, 13 October 2021
New research shows that the UK has approved export licenses of tear gas to regimes with concerning records on freedom of speech and assembly

Life Values: How the British Military Calculated the Cost of an Afghan Life

, 24 September 2021
The Ministry of Defence paid out more compensation for property damage in northern Europe than for the death of an Afghan child, reports Murray Jones

British Military Linked to Hundreds of Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan

, 24 September 2021
Analysis of compensation claims paid by the Ministry of Defence to Afghan families reveals the extent of civilian deaths during 20 years of war

EXCLUSIVE Ministry of Mystery: Government Doesn’t Know how Many Civilians it has Killed in Wars Abroad

, 6 September 2021
A Freedom of Information request to the Ministry of Defence has revealed that the Government is failing to record civilian deaths during military operations

EXCLUSIVE Myanmar Police Force Trained by British Officers Under EU Scheme

, 19 August 2021
Between 2013 and 2020, the UK College of Policing also spent more than £20 million selling its services around the world

The UK’s New Elite Regiment and the Evasion of Democracy

, 28 July 2021
Murray Jones of Action on Armed Violence explores whether the specialist forces will simply be allowed to fly under the radar

Sanitising War: How the UK Media Turned Its Back On Syria

, 7 October 2020
In failing to report on individual instances of war’s devastation, the media risks losing sight of the inhumanity of conflict

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