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Martin Shaw

‘Jeremy Hunt’s Energy Price Hike is a Cynical Betrayal of Britain’

, 22 November 2022
Martin Shaw unpicks the motives and the structural economic forces behind the Chancellor’s decision to further inflate household energy costs

‘The Uses of Diversity’

, 12 September 2022
Martin Shaw considers why so many politicians of colour have been appointed to top ministerial roles by white Conservative leaders

‘The Myth of a Benign Brexit Immigration Policy’

, 5 September 2022
Martin Shaw replies to economist Jonathan Portes' recent Byline Times article, which argued that the Government's post-Brexit immigration system is a 'rare success'

The ‘Far-Righting’ of the Conservative Party

, 21 July 2022
Martin Shaw considers how the Conservatives have incorporated radical right-wing politics since the onset of the great Brexit debate

The Single Market Taboo Won't Last Forever

, 7 June 2022
Martin Shaw explains why a softer Norway-style Brexit was derailed by Boris Johnson's anti-immigrant rhetoric, and how the tide may be slowly turning

The Rwanda Scheme: Electoral Racism to Policy Racism

, 19 April 2022
Decades of shifting political racism have created a rich reservoir of racialised attitudes for Boris Johnson's regime to exploit, says Martin Shaw

‘Genocide’ and Putin’s War of Destruction against Ukrainian Society 

, 14 March 2022
Professor Martin Shaw, author of two books on Genocide, explains how the synchronised attack on Ukraine's people, culture and institutions, is escalating beyond war crimes

The Prime Monger: Johnson’s ‘Culture War’ is a Core Part of his Strategic Racism

, 22 July 2021
Martin Shaw explains how Boris Johnson's racist remarks are far from casual, and that fighting 'woke' anti-racism is an essential part of his ethno-nationalist electoral strategy

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