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Luke Butterly

Will This be Northern Ireland's Most Important Election Ever?

, 4 May 2022
Luke Butterly reports on the expectations of a Sinn Féin victory in the imminent legislative elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly

‘Perverse’ Law Criminalising Homelessness Clings On in Northern Ireland

, 25 February 2022
The 200-year-old Vagrancy Act is still being used to arrest and fine people sleeping on the streets of Northern Ireland, despite it being repealed in the rest of the UK

Far from Settled: Uncertain Fate for Many EU Citizens in the UK as Brexit Looms

, 15 October 2020
More than four million have applied to the EU Settlement Scheme, but as Luke Butterfly reports, these figures are only part of the story
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Ireland’s Strange Rule Punishing those Unemployed by COVID-19 Going Abroad

, 11 August 2020
Irish workers suffering the consequences of the Coronavirus are being hit by another setback

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