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Julian Mercer

Government’s False Housing Policy is Sent to Coventry

, 16 June 2021
Julian Mercer investigates more flaws in the Government’s housing policy, which seeks to build new homes for 80,000 ‘ghosts’ and ignores the impact of Brexit

Conservatives Want to Build More Houses – But Not in their Backyard

, 10 February 2021
Julian Mercer reports on the Government’s latest botched attempts to solve the UK’s housing crisis

Lies, Damned Lies and Housing Statistics

, 16 December 2020
Julian Mercer continues his investigation into the erroneous calculations underpinning the Government’s house building programme

The Government Cannot Build its Way Out of England’s Housing Crisis

, 25 November 2020
Julian Mercer analyses the misguided policy of successive governments of building too many new houses, but not creating any more homes

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